Miscellany: Eating (and Listening) Good in the Neighborhood?

So I was out with my fellow Yetis from work at Applebee’s when low and behold we walked into what looked like an attempt and being almost sports bar-like. It was the one over in Overland Park by I-35. We walked in and they had big flat screens covering their inner bar area. Plus, they had ESPN, Fox Sports, and even the NFL Network on there! Granted CNN was on too but we’ll forget about that. The signal quality was bad so the pictures were kinda flakey.

Some regular vanilla type people palying with the Soundog

The other real interesting thing was the Sprox Soundog setup they had there. The Soundog was this little contraption on the tables that you turn on and then punch the number that correlates to the number on the flatscreen and you can pick up the audio for it. It’s a pretty neat idea but for real sports bars, it might be drown out by the game of the week playing over head. At least it makes a pretty cool fart noise when you first turn it on and keep it real low.

  • Claydawg

    Don’t know if they are the exact same thing, but the sports bar I used to go to in OKC (Varsities, the “original”) had these little stations that could be dialed to the audio of any TV in the bar. They worked pretty good, for the most part.

  • Claydawg

    So are we doing live, on location, in Manhattan, Nov. 17th for the Mizzou game, or what?

  • Not sure yet, I think I need to bellow a call out to the fellow Yeti’s and see who’s up for the migration.