Pick It N’ Stick It: Digging For Gold Saturday

Here we go with another week of picks. Why Digging For Gold Saturday? Because it’s a better sounding label compared to Gut Check Saturday or Rivalry Saturday. I mean seriously, you don’t need to label a weekend to make it more marketable. College football speaks for itself.

Favorite Final Underdog Krizzou Purple Yeti
(16) Hawaii 18.5 SAN JOSE ST. SAN JOSE ST. (16) Hawaii
(12) Virginia Tech 14 DUKE (12) Virginia Tech (12) Virginia Tech
(3) OHIO ST. 31 Kent St. (3) OHIO ST. (3) OHIO ST.
(18) Illinois 3.5 IOWA (18) Illinois (18) Illinois
(23) Texas 16 IOWA ST. IOWA ST. (23) Texas
(20) KANSAS 25.5 Baylor Baylor Baylor
(25) Tennessee 7 MISSISSIPPI ST. (25) Tennessee (25) Tennessee
(9) OREGON 18.5 Washington St. (9) OREGON (9) OREGON
(7) South Carolina 7 NORTH CAROLINA (7) South Carolina (7) South Carolina
(10) USC 21 Arizona (10) USC Arizona
(1) LSU 10 (17) KENTUCKY (17) KENTUCKY (1) LSU
PENN ST. 7 (19) Wisconsin PENN ST. (19) Wisconsin
(4) Boston Coll. 13.5 NOTRE DAME (4) Boston Coll. (4) Boston Coll.
(24) Georgia 7 VANDERBILT VANDERBILT (24) Georgia
(6) OKLAHOMA 10.5 (11) Missouri (11) Missouri (11) Missouri
(15) CINCINNATI 10 Louisville Louisville (15) CINCINNATI
(14) ARIZONA ST. 11.5 Washington (14) ARIZONA ST. (14) ARIZONA ST.

Home teams are in bold. It’s the Yahoo pick set again. The spread is the final for the week. Hey, what should the loser do? I got my stuff to do Saturday (yeah TWO things). Post below for any suggestions.

Update:  Krizzou won this week again so it looks as though the Yeti will have to do something goofy again.  Post something Purple Yeti can do below, because the Zou will not hold back.  

  • Claydawg

    Sorry to say, but OU will probably cover. It would be nice to see OU lose again, but I don’t like Mizzou’s chances in Norman.

    Looks like the Yeti will lose again. I suggest the loser must wear a Len Elliot Jersey to the next get-together. I was going to say a Vick Jersey, but that would just be cruel.

  • krizzou

    Speaking of which, I saw a 10-12 year-old boy eating with his family at Burger King last week. He was wearing a Vick jersey. It seemed rather tacky and somewhat inappropriate. I thought people were classier than that at BK. Man, I could sure go for a whopper right now!

  • I’d imagine that boy would enjoy going over to Long John Silver’s for some Hush Puppies!

    I picked Mizzou to cover the spread. OU is 52 or 54 & 2 at home under Bob Stoops. Not sure if the Tigers can win on the road like that.

    The Kstate game should be a good one too. Maybe they can bounce back against the Buffalos. We’ll find out as it’s on at midnight or something tomorrow.

  • Sweet no one has posted anything for me to do yet! Maybe I can just show up and eat a hush puppy or something.