Kansas City is truly a hub for colleges.  Kansas City is the largest metro area for Big 12 schools like Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, and Nebraska.  You’ll also see some props go out to Big 10 country with Iowa as well as others showing.  Not only that, but the smaller colleges around the area like Pittsburgh State, Missouri State, and even Northern Iowa have a following sprinkled about.   Because of that, there’s a healthy dose of sports bars to cater to all alumni and fans for college sports.

Sport bars come in all shapes and sizes.  Televisions are the main focus, with flat screens, projection, and tube both in regular and high definition variety beaming out live sporting events.  You’ll see sports bars strictly geared toward certain schools.  Bringing a beer in hand and greasy food on a plate, the service at sport bars plays an important supporting role.  So when an alumni rolls out to see a game, they want to go where they can meet their fellow alumni and scarf down tasty morsels.   And until one can re-create that experience in a basement, sports bars will flourish and remain the ultimate destination for live college sports watching, short of attending the game.

Driving two hours early in the morning to watch your team is also a timeless event.  With cars lined up in tailgate formation, fired up grills and goofy parking lot games pass the time to kickoff.  Masters of the grill conduct a firey symphony of meat and veggies, with the finest spices banging against the pit drums.  Tossing the football around is just one of the many fun things you can do while drinking a beer and waiting for the grill coda.  It is a culture and tradition all its own, waiting to hand off to the true Saturday tradition.

Tradition is what college football is all about. What makes that tradition special is it exists on both a national and local level.  Every Saturday we get together and join in communion to spectate the most competitive sport.  We all join in our own way, however.  Traditions like The Tunnel Walk, Yell Practice, Dotting the I, and the Flaming Spear start off contests.  Rivalries across the nation like the Red River Shootout and the Border War fuel the fires of competition to sun spot temps.  There is nothing so diverse yet so common in America today.  In fact, college football IS American.

We here at KC College Gameday want to continue on in that tradition by presenting the experience that only comes once every fall, college football.  Using our own brand of takes and style of discourse, we do our best to bring what it’s like to spectate at bars across the Kansas City area and at college football games.  We have fun the whole way, dropping in picks for the weeks and talking trash whenever we get the chance.  The KCCGD crew presents what average people do using the latest technology when they watch college football.

Reliving the college football experience is what we do.  KC College Gameday provides a service who wants to know where to watch the games and what games to watch for the week.  We flaunt our love for college football at every chance we get.  Does anything else compare?  Who knows?  Who cares?  We hope it is as much fun as we have when we bring the college football experience to you every week.