Barspotting: Some ladies call me Fox and Hound

Fox and Hound

When: Saturday, September 22 2007

Where: Fox and Hound 10428 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS 66212

Time: Not sure for the Purple Yeti (Peeps in Town, definitely there for the night game), Krizzou is in Mizzou!


  • 2:00 PM Illinois State at #25 Missouri
  • 3:30 PM Michigan State at Notre Dame
  • 3:30 PM #10 Penn State at Michigan
  • 3:30 PM #12 South Carolina at #2 LSU
  • 7:00 PM Florida International at Kansas
  • 7:45 PM #22 Georgia at #16 Alabama
  • 8:00 PM Washington State at #1 USC

Notes: Here, here, old chap! Fox and Hound sports plenty of TV’s and activities to hang out with. It’s mainly known for the sweet pool tables and UFC watch parties.

  • Claydawg

    Slate of games, does not look nearly as interesting as the last few weeks or the weeks to come. I hope you do not resort to tail chasing, in lieu of football viewing. LSU should look out though, SC is not that good, but I think LSU is highly over-rated, just lucky they are at home.

  • You’re forgetting about the Georgia vs Alabama game. Can you believe that the Georgia coach closed practice this week because of Saban’s Bellichek ties? Crazy.

  • Claydawg

    Both Bama and Georgia are over-rated, but since it is in Bama, expect the Tide to keep rolling. Alabama is more likley to lose to a lesser opponent on the road.

  • Claydawg

    I would start my own service, but I would have to pay people to take my picsk. I am usually confident in my picking, but also usually wrong.