Pick It n’ Stick It: Spreading it Open

Here we go again on another week of Pick It n’ Stick It. We’re gonna try something different this week as we are picking games using the spreads for yahoo sports on Wednesday. It should make things a little closer and more competitive. Speaking of competitive, I guess I did lose last week so I tomorrow I’ll make due on the loser bet.

I guess a first round of beers goes to participants Saturday morning. But you must be present to partake. I’m not sure if could actually pick up a waitress, but if you can help me out with some pick up lines, I might spill a few out here and there. Here are this week’s picks:

Favorite Spread Underdog Game Details Krizzou Pruple Yeti
(5) West Virginia 7 (18) SOUTH FLORIDA Fri, Sep 28
at 7:00 pm
(2) LSU 40 TULANE Sat, Sep 29
at 11:00 am
(2) LSU (2) LSU
(17) VIRGINIA TECH 18 North Carolina Sat, Sep 29
at 11:00 am
(21) Penn St. 3 ILLINOIS Sat, Sep 29
at 11:00 am
(21) Penn St. (21) Penn St.
(16) SOUTH CAROLINA 13.5 Mississippi St. Sat, Sep 29
at 11:30 am
Mississippi St. (16) SOUTH CAROLINA
(12) BOSTON COLL. Off (0) Massachusetts Sat, Sep 29
at 12:00 pm
(15) GEORGIA 15 Mississippi Sat, Sep 29
at 12:00 pm
(14) KENTUCKY Off (0) Florida Atlantic Sat, Sep 29
at 12:00 pm
(3) Oklahoma 22 COLORADO Sat, Sep 29
at 12:30 pm
(3) Oklahoma (3) Oklahoma
(25) NEBRASKA 21 Iowa St. Sat, Sep 29
at 1:05 pm
(25) NEBRASKA Iowa St.
(11) OREGON 5.5 (6) California Sat, Sep 29
at 2:30 pm
(6) California (11) OREGON
(13) Clemson 3 GEORGIA TECH Sat, Sep 29
at 2:30 pm
GEORGIA TECH (13) Clemson
(10) RUTGERS 16.5 Maryland Sat, Sep 29
at 2:30 pm
(7) TEXAS 14.5 Kansas St. Sat, Sep 29
at 2:30 pm
(7) TEXAS Kansas St.
(9) WISCONSIN 7.5 Michigan St. Sat, Sep 29
at 2:30 pm
Michigan St. (9) WISCONSIN
(19) Hawaii 25.5 IDAHO Sat, Sep 29
at 4:00 pm
(19) Hawaii (19) Hawaii
FLORIDA ST. 2.5 (22) Alabama Sat, Sep 29
at 4:00 pm
FLORIDA ST. (22) Alabama
(1) USC 20.5 WASHINGTON Sat, Sep 29
at 7:00 pm
(4) FLORIDA 18.5 Auburn Sat, Sep 29
at 7:00 pm
(8) Ohio St. 23.5 MINNESOTA Sat, Sep 29
at 7:00 pm
(8) Ohio St. MINNESOTA
(23) Arizona St. 14 STANFORD Sat, Sep 29
at 9:00 pm
STANFORD (23) Arizona St.
(24) Cincinnati 14 SAN DIEGO ST. Sat, Sep 29
at 9:00 pm
(24) Cincinnati (24) Cincinnati

It should make for a wild week this weekend. Oh the home teams are in all caps. I figured Krizzou would pick against my cats. That’s fine, I’m sure some crazy wager will pop up in the comments that she gets to do the on the next outing. Or maybe when she’s out tailgating. Post below for suggestions.

 Update:  Welp we tied this week so we are off the hook for.   My guess is that the Kstate pick for me saved the day!

-Purple Yeti

  • krizzou

    You should know I’m not rooting for Texas. However, I knew you’d pick the Ferel Cats to beat the spread, and I didn’t want to do the same. Plus, I think Texas may be a little angry after last year. Don’t worry though, your boys are full of confidence. Reggie Walker thinks your running game is faster than most of the NFLs. I wonder what his major is….

  • Claydawg

    FYI, I looked up KC catbackers, and their Auburn watch party was at the “watering hole”, could not find one for the Texas game, but I would not be suprised if it is packed. I suggest people get their early. I have to hold a seat for my bro since he works til 12:30, so hopefully that is possible. We may want to scout out an alterior location for retreat if necessary. I do not know how “small” this place is, but it could get cozy. As far as Krizzou, I assumed you would route on the Cats since you are a OU fan KrizzOU.

    No I am not dumb, just bored at work.

  • krizzou

    Well, that comment definitely wasn’t worthy of dropping a d-bag, but it was worthy of a sporking. Be afraid Claydawg; be very afraid….

  • Ha ha I’m gonna start calling you a Boomer Krizzouner.

    I’m going to use every ounce of strength to be there by 11am. The place has maybe 12 or 14 large circle tables with some pool tables and such. If we get enough people there at 11, I’m sure we can save like 2 tables.

    What do you think about Tanner’s as a backup?

  • Claydawg

    I have no idea, about location and distance between bars, if we can get 4-5 people there at 11:00 and save seats, I do not imagine more than 10-12, do you?

    Maybe we should get a head count via phone tonight? Call me if you want Admin Edit:XXX-XXX-XXXX.

  • Claydawg

    If it is the Tanners by Tim’s old place, that looks pretty close, is there any other options. I leave it to you, I want to watch the K-state game, but I do not want our compadres’ to be kept outside.

    Should be fine though, shouldn’t it?