K-state Football in the Flesh

Well, I’m a little late on writing about last week’s game, so I will keep it short and sweet and then move on to this week’s contests. 

It was one of those boring season openers that K-state took care of without much trouble.  The good thing is it seems as though several players got a chance to play and there were no serious injuries.  Unlike last years opener in Auburn, it may not have been that exciting, but the team is 1-0 and they have not lost any one to a series injury (like Antwan Moore last year).  It was my son’s first football game experience, and since it was not exactly a 2 year old’s cup of tea we left after the half-time show (ring of honor inductions).  FYI, Martin Gramatica looks like he did ten years ago and I really wish I had gotten to be better friends with Terrence Newmann when we were in high school.

Anyway this week should be more of the same in Manhattan – I do not see Montana State being much of a threat – however I will venture to guess they might score two or three touchdowns – but I would not be suprised if we score in the 50’s or 60’s.  KU on the other hand has a sneaky test with LA Tech.  KU should be able to handle them, but they need to work on their game a bit, for South Florida is coming up, and they are no push-over.

Back to K-state football, we have Louisville coming up, but that may or may not be as difficult a game as we would have first guessed entering the season.  Nice that they scheduled it on a Wednesday night before the scheduled birth of my daughter – that way I have a bye week of Saturday home games – keeping me from missing anything important.

Other games do not intrigue me much, however I would like to warn those OU fans out there that may underestimate Cincinatti.  The Bearcats have a pretty darn good coach and if they have any returning talent from last year, could be a team to contend for a Big East Title (I don’t know this, so I may be way off here).

Well, even though the game this weekend may not be much, we have som old fashioned college buddy tailgating to do, so I will have to make sure I bring my drinking shirt. 

I really don’t have much else to say, but can you imagine a VP hunting accident with Joe Biden?  I didn’t think so – you better vote for Palin’s ticket. . . .