Barspotting: Do Ya Feel Lucky, Do Ya Punk?

Paddy O' Quigley's Front

When: Saturday, September 8 2007

Where: Paddy O’Quigley’s, 100 E 20th St., Kansas City, MO 64108

Time: 11 AM for the Purple Yeti, later on for the Krizzou


  • Miami at Oklahoma
  • Virginia Tech at LSU
  • Oregon at Michigan
  • Notre Dame at Penn St
  • Boise St at Washington
  • Kansas at Southeastern Louisana
  • San Jose St at Kansas St
  • Missouri at Ole Miss

Notes: As Krizzou noted earlier, we are out at the Paddy O’Quigley’s at the Crossroads district. O’quigley’s has had a good tradition of stellar sports bar-dery and we are going to that location because it’s their newest addition to the franchise. We still are looking for candidates to represent the KU side of things, so if you are interested drop a comment below. Hope to see you there!

  • Claydawg

    While I will not be able to attend, my ass yearns for the bar-stool soars, the day-after burning, and the 20 minute crap with head in hands.

    Seriously though, you know the way to this man’s heart. If I was a politician I would consider an alterior life-style with a mysterious Yetti.

    I may have to make it a point to join one of these adventures in the up-coming weeks. Nevertheless, if KC CollegeGameday ever decides to roadtrip to the west (Manhattan or even Salina), you will gain a faithful, beer guzzling, football watching, college memory-goggles, bar-stool-filler.

    Until that day, I will envision dancing Jiggle-O’s in my dreams.

    Go Cats, oh and anyone playing, KU, OU, Michigan, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Appalachian State (now that the AP will allow lower division teams to receive votes, I cannot stomach the idea that a lower division team be ranked higher than KState).

  • You know, there has been talk of road tripping it out the Manhappiness later this year. Perhaps the KSU vs MU game? Don’t know. Being the mega alum I know you are, maybe you can flip me a line about getting tickets? Inquiring Yeti’s want to know……

  • Claydawg has tickets available for $55 a piece. My Dad has four tickets, but you can bet atleast three of those will be used. I am all for a get-together that weekend in Manhattan. I hope to be joining you in KC for a game before then, perhaps the weekend of the KSU vs. Texas game. If I do come I am looking for a doulbe header sports bar weekend. . . Saturday College and Sunday NFL, so I hope you can keep up.

    On another note, I bet my younger bro may be joining you sometime soon. We moved him into his new apartment on Saturday, so he was busy, but I bet he may be available for prime football viewing at a sports bar near you.

    Go Cats. . . oh, and check out this blog site sometime. . .

  • krizzou

    I’m envisioning a November 17 road trip. Are you ready…?