Barspotting: I’m A Little Rusty From Being At Rusty’s

Inside of Rusty’s

When: Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where: Rusty’s Waterin’ Hole and Eatery, 10901 W 75th Street Shawnee Mission, KS 66214-1105

Time: 11am bright eyed and bushy tailed!


  • 12:00 PM Air Force at Navy
  • 2:30 PM #6 California at #11 Oregon
  • 2:30 PM Kansas State at #7 Texas
  • 4:00 PM #22 Alabama at Florida State
  • 7:00 PM Auburn at #4 Florida

Notes: Rusty’s, a Manhattan mainstay, remodels itself as a new thang comin’. I may blow out after the KSU vs. Texas but everyone else should be there and strong. Oh and I think the Krizzou is out at night for some kind of function or something.

  • krizzou

    Sweet! Is bushy tail back? Anyway, I’ll be there at 11:00 ready for some apps and a cold beer or two. I can’t induldge much on the eats and drinks, as I have an obligation to drink a lot Saturday night. Like I stated previously, keep your phones handy, as it may be a drunk dialin’ night.

    I’m ready for a stress free day of football watching! See you at Rusty’s.

  • Claydawg

    Sounds like it will be fun, hoping to be there by noon. Maybe sooner, I mean quicker, never a sooner. Is anyone interested in a Sunday version of the gameday crew?

    I’m up for it, perhaps we can have a little football, beer, and fantasy too.

    Hey, you should get the picks up earlier than Friday’s, it would probably receive more reads and posts about other reader’s predictions.

    See ya Saturday,

  • krizzou

    By ‘other readers’ do you mean you? If I start seeing blogs about fantasy football, I’m going to spork someone to death! Maybe we’ll have a chance to get the picks up prior to Yeti’s pool game tonight, but don’t hold your breath. Seriously, thanks for the constructive criticism. We’ll continue to make modifications and improvements until this thing is ‘baby bear’. However, I think the NFL stuff should be on a separate blog site.


  • Claydawg

    I did not anticipate blogging about Fantasy Football. I just thought if I end up at a sports bar on Sunday watching football and drinking beer, that I would end up discussing our Fantasy Football matchups.

    I agree, I do not see many readers on here, but for the ONE, I would like to be able to rip your picks prior to the games.

    Its your site, do as you wish.


  • Usually the picks are in by noon Friday and I put them up sometime by Friday night. Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance.

    I’ll watch football with ya on Sunday there Claydawg. AND I’ll talk Fantasy Football with you . I can fend off Krizzou’s spork. It’s all plasticy and weak. Kind of like Missouri’s defense.

    Once this site us on all fours, maybe we can start thinking about doing a general one for sports in the KC and even Midwestical area. I’ll give you one guess as to what it’s called. The correct answer points back to this site.

    We may even need some people to write for it too.

    See you Saturday.