Another week down, another win for the Tigers and another climb in the polls. For a second week in a row I traveled to the heart of the beautiful state of Missouri for a day of tailgating and Tiger football. Unfortunately, we were not blessed to have a consecutive week of gorgeous fall weather, but all-in-all it was a pretty good college gameday.

Tailgating: My family arrived at Lot M about 8:30 Saturday morning. Set-up was rather quick and painless, and before long we were all enjoying Bloody Mary’s and cold cervezas. Shortly after we arrived, one of my favorite tailgating neighbors, Chris, showed up sporting Mickey’s and hugs. Tailgating truly can bring out the best in people and foster great friendships… well, Saturday friendships that last from September-December.

The menu for the day was pulled pork, au gratin potatoes, baked beans, chips and salad. I believe my dad had the giant pig butt on the grill no later than 9:30. My brother told him that it would never be finished by game time (1:00 PM); however, my dad insisted (several times) that it would only take 2.5 hours to cook. Well, two and a half hours later, no pulled pork; game time, no pulled pork. Near the beginning of the 3rd quarter, I finally got the call stating the pig butt was ready…WAHOO! I must say, I would’ve preferred it sooner, but it was worth the wait. Extremo delicioso de puerco!

The Game: Well, Jeremy Maclin is a my main man right now. Check out the boy’s game stats. He was named the Big XII Special Teams player of the week. He has really impressed me the last 2 weeks.  Otherwise, as far as the mechanics of the game are concerned, it was pretty much the same as the others.
The true test is going to be on October 6th when we kick off conference play against Nebraska. The game will air on ESPN and will kickoff at 8:15. I have a good feeling about the game, but I’m sure I’ll be nervous on October 6. Anyway, I digress. Saturday was band day (ick) and B-2 flyover day, so patriotism was hot, but not as hot as the fans basking in the scorching sun. 

Seriously, it was nasty hot, especially on the old people’s side where I sit, and especially for a ginger like me. Thank goodness I applied the 50-proof sunscreen, as the one spot I missed fried. My family has aisle seats and my brother was sitting on the aisle, subsequently blocking me from the sun (just a bit). He left at half time to get a cold drink. Realizing it felt much better under the tent, away from the metal bleachers, he never returned, leaving me to fry alone. Needless to say, when I got the call about the finished pig butt, I left and never returned. I know, some of you are judging me now, but I don’t feel bad. I could still somewhat hear the game and the canons signaling additional Tiger points, and I avoided additional skin damage.

Gameday Highlight: The crowds reaction as the announcers randomly provided the score of the Nebraska vs. Ball State game.

Closer: I got home around 9:00 Saturday night, and was able to lay in bed and catch the end of Geogia vs. Alabama game and the Iowa vs. Wisconsin game. Both which helped me beat Purple Yeti in the ‘Pick It….’ post. Two Saturdays in a row I was in bed before 11:00 PM. Next week will be different though. Missouri has an off week, which means I can focus my attention elsewhere… like on bartenders and plasma screens. After the K-State game, I have a party to attend, but keep your phones handy boys, because I may need a ride. Hold up… I’m programming Yellow Cab right now. Saturday is college gameday in KC, and I’m back!