Two clears, three reverses, and college football trumps

Well, I’m a little late in getting the post up, but when you’re weekend involves carting a bunch of drunk people to IHOP at 3:30 am, you’re gonna end up behind on a couple of things. You know, I didn’t have anything to eat to over there for the first time ever. I guess in the haze of all of the craziness, I knew I had to save some room for the crow I was about to eat over the first ever weekly pick bet. I did make up for the lack of flapjacks, however, for some tasty cheese fries at the Fox and Hound.

The Drunken Indian was down from Iowa and I had to meet them first thing in the morning to go pick up Jolly’s car. Of course, it was noon when I woke up, so any first half action for the morning games was out the door. We got the car and finally made our way down to the Fox and Hound. The Fox and Hound Pub & Grille is a franchise joint that prides itself on the high quality sport watching and professional quality parlor games. Let’s see if they got what it takes.

When you first walk in, the hostess welcomes you and opens the door to a big screen over the bar and a ring of TV’s around it. There are two side rooms that house a massive quantity of pro-size pool tables with of them opening into a game room. The Fox and Hound really keep the wood, British style going on in there. They also have just about every beer on tap to quench the thirst as well.

There’s another type of thirst that the hostess helped quench. No not THAT, but I must admit she was very attractive. The other waitresses all dressed up in college jerseys but alot of them switched to black for the UFC fight they were charging at the door. More on that later. There was a good mix of waitresses, but it wasn’t the best. The thirst our waitress quenched was for cheese fries.

The plate of cheese fries I ate had a layer of cheese melted on top. Typical fair, but the bacon bits and green onions really puts it over the top. We were there long enough for me to have asian chicken poppers, but we had a 2nd round of cheese fries to top off the night. The only problem was that our waitress stunk service wise. We had to wait awhile for just about everything. I think it was because I had a KSU shirt on and she was wearing a KU jersey. After complaining, we did get a free app out of it, though.

Fox and Hound Game Guide

That was probably the only free thing of the day. The unique thing about the Fox and Hound was that they tend to charge covers for special events. When we first walked in, we were handed a schedule of what was on TV for the day. That was pretty cool. We haven’t been to a bar that organized yet. But on the schedule, they made sure to note that the UFC fight had a cover and the Nebraska game also had a cover. I guess I can understand that if a bar fronts money to get all of the games, they should get some kick back from alumni gatherings.

There plenty of different alumni there for the games too. There were actually a good deal of LSU, Florida, and Auburn alum watch parties there. Alot of them were greasy too. So we had plenty of show for the SEC, game wise. Auburn actually won, Florida eeked by, and LSU just plain beat South Carolina. Admittedly though, the Cocks did look a little limp on the field.

The Big 12 showing was a little weak today. Nebraska barely got by Ball State of all teams, although I couldn’t tell because it was 5 bucks to watch it. Look out, Missouri! Oklahoma State had more bullets in their guns against Texas Tech in a wild shootout. Well duh, they’re Cowboys. And Texas rolled Rice looking for a healthy tune up against K-State this weekend.

The Big 10 fair was pretty entertaining. Michigan woke up and realized who they were by topping Penn State in a typical low scoring game. Notre Dame is wearing its suck sash with pride as Michigan State whupped up on them. The Iowa vs Wisconsin was the game of the day as it was actually back and forth and very competitive. PJ Hill fumbling into the endzone couldn’t sabotage the Badgers as they barely squeezed by the Hawkeyes. That play was crazy too. It was even crazier that Iowa marched right back down and scored right after the Badger’s resultant score from the fumble/gift.


All in all, it was a good day of footballin’. The PPV stuff was kinda chinsey as well as some of the service, but the food, TVs, and Buck Hunter Pro we played after the games made up for it. We even had a chance to dust cobwebs by playing some President’s and A-holes in between games. The only regret I had from the evening was that I actually was not back in college itself, as alot of the activities and people we did really made me think of it. All the way down to the nose picking rule on a pass made by the President (not me!).