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Stadiumspotting (And So Much More) At McLane Stadium In Waco


I kinda feel like everything I did on this blog led up to the weekend I had last weekend.  From grilling to barhopping to going to a game, last weekend had everything I wised for.  Except a win.  Yup, I was in Waco for the sorta Big 12 Championship when Kansas State played Baylor. Continue reading Stadiumspotting (And So Much More) At McLane Stadium In Waco

Manhattan Makes Us Miss The College Life

The Manhattan Miracle was once thought to be just a one time thing.  Fast forward to 2009 and we now know it never left.  Are we talking about football?  Partly.  We’re also talking about the little city of Manhattan and the miracle that it can play with the big dogs when it comes to having a great time.   We revisited some old school places and discovered some new ones.  Then we went to the Sunflower Showdown and witnessed the rise of the miracle on the field.  All in all it was a top notch time and we were happy to see the good ole days just one more time.

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Another Lawrence Trip in the Bag

This is the second year in we rocked our KCCGD crew all the way out to Lawrence, Kansas and hit up Memorial Stadium.  The Purple Yeti’s wonderful girlfriend and her company provided the tickets and bus ride to watch Oklahoma take on Kansas.  The tailgate had the usual fair, all while we weathered the fair weather at the stadium.  That game itself was nowhere near fair and for the second year in a row, we left the stadium to go back to tent before the final whistle blew.  There were a couple of notable differences from last year but that didn’t drag us down for this year’s first edition of Stadiumspotting.

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Sunflower Showdown 08: From Fuzzy to Sharp to Fuzzy to OUT

As you may have noted above, it’s the first video recording from my trusted Sony Cybershot DSC-W120 and what better place to do it than the Sunflower Showdown.  To correct myself, Kansas State played Kansas for the 106th time at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas.  The courtesy tent we started out in foreshadowed the day as we tailgated our way to another glorious set college football games.  The fog from the morning lifted for the game, but our own fog soon returned.  This was a road trip to remember, sorta.
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Barspotting: Stadiumspotting Sunflower Showdown Style

Memorial Stadium

Yes it’s road trip time for some of us here at KCCGD.  Look for some tailgating wackiness and a healthy dose of live football video action this weekend as we hop on a bus and make way for Memorial Stadium.  It’s Sunflower Showdown time as the Kansas State Wildcats travel to Lawrence to take on the Kansas Jayhawks.  Both teams took a whooping last week and really lost in the same style:  giving up the ball.  We here at the KCCGD won’t turnover the coverage this weekend as we look to see some sweet pre-game action and pray that this week’s game is a little more than competitive.  At any rate, it should be a blast and am sleeping just a little extra this week in preparation of a rockin’ good time.
When: Saturday, November 1st 2008
Where:  University of Kansas Memorial Stadium1000 W 11th St Lawrence, KS 66045
Time: 9:30 AM – We hope to see you tailgating out there!
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Take Off Eh! Athlon’s Big 12 Preview on a Plane

So I’m standing in KCI looking for a quick rag to read.  I was bumping out to California to see my big brother, Purple Baldy Yeti, for a little R&R before strapping down for the college football season.  After quick scan of weak rag material, I spied the good ole Athlon College Football preview and snatched it right up.  Apparently it’s regionally directed so they had Big 12 slapped on the cover as well.  I tossed down a beer with my lil bro, Purple Bumpy Yeti, and stepped on the flight.  Here’s Athlon’s fly by of the college football horizon, including the westcoast-midwest Big 12.
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ESPM? Booo… YAY!!


October 11, 2003, Missouri vs. Nebraska, was perhaps the most exciting Missouri game I’ve ever witnessed. It was a cold rainy day, and Missouri trailed 24-14 in the third quarter. However, the rain and cold went unnoticed as Missouri outscored Nebraska 27-0 in the fourth quarter; thus, breaking a 24-game losing streak and beating a then Top 10 team. Since then, the Tigers have successfully beaten Nebraska at home, and Saturday was no exception…. Continue reading ESPM? Booo… YAY!!



Another week down, another win for the Tigers and another climb in the polls. For a second week in a row I traveled to the heart of the beautiful state of Missouri for a day of tailgating and Tiger football. Unfortunately, we were not blessed to have a consecutive week of gorgeous fall weather, but all-in-all it was a pretty good college gameday. Continue reading TWO and a HALF HOURS, MY pig BUTT!!

T-D, we want a… what!?

It was around 8:15 Saturday morning, cruising across I-70 in Nowhere, MO when I opened my eyes from my brief nap and saw the first of many tiger tails whipping in the wind. The familiar site of the tiger tail attached to the trunk of the SUV brought a smile to my face. Sure it was week 3 of the season, sure there had already been two Mizzou victories, but this was the first home game; the first tailgate, the first day of watching football in the open air, and I was ready…. Continue reading T-D, we want a… what!?