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Stadiumspotting (And So Much More) At McLane Stadium In Waco


I kinda feel like everything I did on this blog led up to the weekend I had last weekend.  From grilling to barhopping to going to a game, last weekend had everything I wised for.  Except a win.  Yup, I was in Waco for the sorta Big 12 Championship when Kansas State played Baylor. Continue reading Stadiumspotting (And So Much More) At McLane Stadium In Waco

GameDay: Goobye Rivalries

Wow, we here in the Big 12 said goodbye to one rivarly Thursday and now today we will be saying goodbye to another.  Granted there were some rivalries that fizzled out last year due to teams leaving the league but these hit closer to home and home away from home.  It’s funny how the accleration of money caused much of this.  Yes, you can say that it could be other things, but when conferences are getting big payouts for television deals, things just turn sour quick.  So today I get to say goodbye to the Border War.

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GameDay: More Like ShameDay

Okay so I don’t know how to put what happened in the last week into words.  I was trying to figure out what to say but nothing is really coming to mind.  I just want to watch some football.  The last couple of years, there’s been more and more hype about stuff off the field that it is now overshadowing what I love on the field.  I’m not sure we can go back.  College football has changed.

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GameDay: BBQ Break Means I Tell You How I Barspot

The marathon of the season continues and today is a break for me.  I need to remember how much work I do on Saturday besides watching college football.  So I’m usually good for a week where I almost take break off.  True, I’ve done BBQs before during the season, but usually I hit up a barspot beforehand.  The way things fell schedule wise this weekend meant that there is no barspot to be had.

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GameDay: Rivalry Awry

Well, Missouri had their Board of Curators meeting in Kansas City, Missouri this week.  After the long battle to decide teacher stuff, the administrators for the university came out to do a press conference and somewhat announce their intentions on conference realignment.  They did their best to say that they are exploring their options, but fumbled about and pretty much exposed their favor for the SEC.  They also tried to leave an open for their rival.

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GameDay: Harmless Rival Fun

So last week there was a big stink about what some Texas Tech fans did to the bus for the outgoing Texas A&M Aggies before their game.  Apparently, there was some messages painted on the buses and some stank smell planted within.  Both administrators for the schools came out afterward and fanned the flame of this story.  The Aggie administrator complained about the total lack of class exhibited by the Tech folk.  The Tech administrator played down the type of things used in the defacing and stated that they provided some farewell fruit basket before the game.  What side do you fall on?  Was it harmless fun or totally classless?

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GameDay: Tweetle Dee Doo

In the past, I’ve talked about how awesome Twitter was.  It still is.  But in the last couple of weeks I’ve fallen victim to some of the darker sides of Twitter.  By the darker side I mean the amount of fluff and rumors that spill out constantly.  So all of you know about what has been happening again with the Big 12 and realignment.  Actual news happens earlier in the week but with Twitter it’s rumors left and right.  I’ve accidentally found myself locked into the Twitter timelines of Big 12 where, after reflection, the news puked up things that took place nowhere near to what actually happened.  That’s where the learning lesson came in.

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GameDay: Staying Fit For Watching It

From week to week, you see me talk about the delicious food pairings at every barspot.   I go over what I think is the sports bar’s best food dish, appetizer or not, and then wash it down with a beer that compliments it in flavor.  Now, that usually isn’t the only barley pop I take in while I’m spectating.  Those of you who come out to the barspots know that I can also be fairly animated while watching, especially Kansas State.  So, how do I stay active during the games and still keep my purple yeti-ish figure?  I work out.  Hard.  But there’s a weird pattern that formed over the last couple of weeks.

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GameDay: Watching My Team

You know, I came down to Austin for a new job and now I’m trolling town trying to find a place to watch my Kansas State Wildcats.  The initial feeling I had coming from Kansas City was that it would be almost impossible to watch a Big 12 ‘North’ team down here in Longhorn land.  This whole fist month of college football for me have been about expectations.  I think after today, it’s safe to assume that I can watch my team just about anywhere in Austin. Continue reading GameDay: Watching My Team

GameDay: Covert Ninja Football Watching

Welp, we are we are in week three here for the new barspotting and college football season. The first one was easy because I was watching Kansas State online. Kudos to being ahead of the curve, alma mater. Last weekend, I was back in Kansas City plus the Wildcats were not playing, so that was an easy week. This week presents a bigger challenge. It’s the first real test of going out and finding a place to watch my team that is not a local team. Continue reading GameDay: Covert Ninja Football Watching

GameDay: Tradition Lost

The trip home is already turning out to be epic. Friends, family, and lotsa food did not do me wrong. It’s already been epic for college football, too. I just watch Iowa State and Iowa play an instant classic battling for the recently re-redesigned Cy-Hawk Trophy. That led me to wonder, with all of the new and improved conference realignment disaster, how will tradition be handled? Continue reading GameDay: Tradition Lost

GameDay: That Same Old Feeling

Oh yes. It’s that time of the year again. That time to get up on a Saturday and deluge yourself with the best sport ever: college football. Although, this year is a little different. I’m in a new town. Will things be just like it was in Kansas City? Or would there be something completely different than what I’m used to. I can say after only one half of a day, that it’s that same old feeling. Continue reading GameDay: That Same Old Feeling

GameDay: KCGGD’s Best Weekend Evar

Okay, so no, I’m not talking about VH1 and guests like Chris Jericho and the unfunny guy from The State, I’m talking about college football!  Every year I’m reminded that we get piles upon piles of traditional football matchups on top of piles and piles of turkey.  This year is a little different, however.  The rivalry games are all over the place, but alot of them have national title implications.  It’s only halfway through the weekend and already the BCS title race has been blown up, kinda.

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GameDay: Take Me Out To The Real Ball Game

Once a niche thing, now it seems it’s all back in fashion.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about football games being played in baseball stadiums, of course!  Today we have a game at Wrigley Field and we also have a Bowl game with New Era fronting the money for two teams to play in Yankees Stadium.  For years I have longed to see a real sport played in these stadiums and now it lo0ks as though it finally will happen.  But is it a good thing?

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GameDay: Money For Nothing

Okay, I have to take a couple of minutes to talk about the whole Cam Newton situation.  It seems like in the last couple of weeks, there’s been a vendetta against this guy.  Is it because he had a rough past?  Or is it because the SEC can’t handle other teams doing well?  At the end of the day, however, the discussion of players looking to get paid in college has come to a head.  What I say is that you need to pay the players, even with more stipend or a more comprehensive scholarship.

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