GameDay: That Same Old Feeling

Oh yes. It’s that time of the year again. That time to get up on a Saturday and deluge yourself with the best sport ever: college football. Although, this year is a little different. I’m in a new town. Will things be just like it was in Kansas City? Or would there be something completely different than what I’m used to. I can say after only one half of a day, that it’s that same old feeling.

Not knowing what it would be like down here in Austin, I was a little more nervous this morning. Of course, a workout on the elliptical with Missouri taking care of business made me feel a little bit better. But after being in the bar here for an hour, I can say that things are the same for college football fans. Although there’s a little more burnt orange and a lot less blue, gold, and purple. I guess that’s what I get for moving to a college town.

But that same energy and fervor is alive down here. I overheard conversations about people knowing people in football programs. I was hearing about plans to make trips to the different college stadiums around the area to watch games. It was a happy buzzing noise of the new college football season. So I can say that I’m buzzing off of that, well and some IPA.

I will miss some things. I imagine when it gets cooler that it won’t be as nasty down here as it was in Kansas City. Then there’s all of my friends. Watching football is a big deal with my friends and I’m already missing them more today. Heck this blog was started because of one of my football watching buddies. So it will take some getting used to on that part.

But all in all, the feeling is great and I’m already swimming in the wake for a college football damn break. There’s still going to be an adjustment but right now I’m thinking it won’t be that rough. I’ll be sure to point out some things here and there in the next couple of months. Until then let’s just bask in this glory of a new college football season.