Pick It and Stick It: Flick Me A Winner

Here we go with another year of Pick It and Stick It!  This time I decided to go easy on people and not do confidence points throughout the year.  It was just too much beef to handle week in and week out.  So I cut that fat off and leaned it down to a tasty point spread straight up pick league.  You can drop two weeks so if want to join up please do so at:
If you got any questions, please feel free to hit me up.  Now let’s take a look at the first week’s pics:
Spread Status (CDT)
@(17)Michigan St. vs Youngstown St. Off (0) Fri 09/02 06:30pm
(14)TCU vs @Baylor 4.5 Fri 09/02 07:00pm
@Boston Coll. vs Northwestern 3.0 Sat 09/03 11:00am
@(21)Missouri vs Miami (OH) 20.5 Sat 09/03 11:00am
@(18)Ohio St. vs Akron 34.0 Sat 09/03 11:00am
@(23)Auburn vs Utah St. 23.0 Sat 09/03 11:00am
@(2)Alabama vs Kent St. 38.0 Sat 09/03 11:20am
@(13)Virginia Tech vs Appalachian St. Off (0) Sat 09/03 11:30am
@(6)Florida St. vs LA Monroe 29.5 Sat 09/03 02:30pm
@(10)Nebraska vs Chattanooga Off (0) Sat 09/03 02:30pm
@Michigan vs W. Michigan 14.0 Sat 09/03 02:30pm
@(25)USC vs Minnesota 23.5 Sat 09/03 02:30pm
@Houston vs UCLA 3.0 Sat 09/03 02:30pm
@(16)Notre Dame vs South Florida 10.5 Sat 09/03 02:30pm
BYU vs @Mississippi 3.0 Sat 09/03 03:45pm
@(7)Stanford vs San Jose St. 30.0 Sat 09/03 04:00pm
@Iowa St. vs Northern Iowa Off (0) Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@Kansas vs McNeese St. Off (0) Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@Kansas St. vs Eastern Kentucky Off (0) Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@(9)Oklahoma St. vs LA Lafayette 37.0 Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@Northern Illinois vs Army 10.5 Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@California vs Fresno St. 10.0 Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@(22)Florida vs Florida Atlantic Off (0) Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@(12)South Carolina vs East Carolina 20.5 Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@(15)Arkansas vs Missouri St. Off (0) Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@Texas Tech vs Texas St. Off (0) Sat 09/03 06:00pm
@(1)Oklahoma vs Tulsa 25.0 Sat 09/03 07:00pm
(5)Boise St. vs @(19)Georgia 3.5 Sat 09/03 07:00pm
(3)Oregon vs @(4)LSU 3.5 Sat 09/03 07:00pm
@Texas vs Rice 24.0 Sat 09/03 07:00pm
@Southern Miss vs Louisiana Tech 13.0 Sat 09/03 09:00pm
@Hawaii vs Colorado 7.0 Sat 09/03 09:15pm
@(24)West Virginia vs Marshall 23.0 Sun 09/04 02:30pm
@(8)Texas A&M vs SMU 15.5 Sun 09/04 06:30pm
@Maryland vs Miami (FL) 3.0 Mon 09/05 07:00pm

Tonight we have the Holy War with TCU taking on Baylor.  I’m not sure how close this will be.  TCU may be coming down from their awesome year last year and Baylor may be on the way up.  It should be one helluva matchup.  I think Baylor will cover the spread.

Saturday has the big deluge.  The morning games are kind of lame, but the afternoon starts to kick up with USC heading to Minnesota and Notre Dame going to South Florida.  The evening has all of the hits with most of the remaining Big 12 kicking off their season.  I’ll be watching Kansas State play Eastern Kentucky on my laptop at a BBQ while hopefully watching Oregon against LSU instead of Rice offering up alms against Texas.  Who knows?  I might get lucky.

Sunday and Monday doesn’t have much except for the Big 12 exiting Texas A&M taking on desperate suitor for the Big 12 in SMU.  If SMU wants to make an impression then they need to bring in some upset power.  Oh man it’s already a couple of games in for the season and I’m jumping for joy!  Good luck!