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Pick It and Stick It: We’ve Gone To Preview Mode

Why preview mode?  Because I’m tired of doing the ole cut and paste from the Yahoo Fantasy College Football Pick’Em, that’s why.  But I certainly don’t want to leave a gap in the ole coverage of this weekend’s game.  Yeah, I missed last weekend, but it was Labor Day so I didn’t really work.  I’m ready to stick it this week, so let’s find out what I think about this weekend’s games.  Follow along on the the ESPN Schedule. Continue reading Pick It and Stick It: We’ve Gone To Preview Mode

Pick It and Stick It 2012: Sign Up and Get Sticky

Who boy it’s that time of year again.  Yup, I’m postponing filming the ole podcast to crap out this info fast and furious.  College football season is less than a week and a half away and to be honest I haven’t done a thing.  So first things first, time to sign up for Pick It and Stick It.  Yes, it’s back again, but this time I’m keeping the chatter on Yahoo!  It doesn’t make sense for me to regurgitate stuff back from the fantasy league.  But all is not lost. Continue reading Pick It and Stick It 2012: Sign Up and Get Sticky

Pick It Standings 2011 Week 02: A Trophy Weekend

Nope, not rivalry weekend, but a weekend so great it deserves its own trophy.  Going into last weekend, I was nonplussed about the matchups, but after witnessing three epic games, I’m eating some crow.  I may also be eating some crow with this week’s Pick It and Stick It Standings. Now last week, I was in last, but I’ve been bumped up to tied for last!  I’m in a hole like Chip Kelly and Notre Dame, but I totally believe I can turn it around.  Now on to the standings: Continue reading Pick It Standings 2011 Week 02: A Trophy Weekend

Pick It and Stick It: Flick Me A Winner

Here we go with another year of Pick It and Stick It!  This time I decided to go easy on people and not do confidence points throughout the year.  It was just too much beef to handle week in and week out.  So I cut that fat off and leaned it down to a tasty point spread straight up pick league.  You can drop two weeks so if want to join up please do so at:
If you got any questions, please feel free to hit me up.  Now let’s take a look at the first week’s pics:

Bowl Pick It and Stick It: Pre-Bowling

Come on in, sit down, and let’s do some pre-bowling.  We’ve got a couple of more days for the string for bowls start up and we get a taste of bowls Saturday with three games.  Oh, you don’t know what pre-bowling is?  It’s kind of like pre-drinking.  Wait, you don’t know what that is?  Those of you who’ve been to college know what I’m talking about.  Pre-drinking is when you bust open some beer and drink away before going out.  It does two things: 1)  Save you some extra cash by not spending it at the bars as much, and 2) get you a little buzzed before going all out.  So let’s catch a bowl buzz and check out who’s playing Saturday.

Continue reading Bowl Pick It and Stick It: Pre-Bowling

Pick It and Stick It: The Return of the Smack

Alrighty folks, it’s another year of college ball which means we have a Yahoo College Football Pick ‘Em League to setup.  The rules are almost the same as last year.  The big difference is that we are not counting TWO of the weeks picks.  We have confidence and all this other hullabaloo so we decided to be a little more easy on everyone.  It’s real easy to forget picks for Saturday when most of you are getting tanked on Friday night.  So with that said, here’s the sing up info:

You know, there was talk the last two years of prizes and both years, it was ignored.  So this year, I’ll just say that pride is on the line.  For both weekly and the yearly.  Although I will be more than happy to buy the yearly winner a Das Boot from Lew’s Grille & Bar to the yearly winner.  Yeah I still owe last year’s winner but he hasn’t come into town to claim it.  Get as many people as you can to sign up and good luck this year!  I know I will sit comfortably at the bottom.  Again.