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Bowl Pick It and Stick It 2011: A Day Late But Not A Dollar Short

Yup, I waited another day because the BCS Championship game was the last one on the docket for the Stick It series and it didn’t make sense to hype it up any more than it has been.  Plus, I was recovering from drowning my sorrows brought upon me by Kansas State’s loss in the Cotton Bowl.  So let’s wrap up this year’s Bowl Pick It and Stick It in style:  by not talking about the title game.  More on that in a second but first let us go over the final standings:

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It 2011: A Happily Bloated New Year’s

It’s weird getting ready to sit down and watch college football on January 2nd versus watching it on New Year’s Day.  Usually, I would stumble over late to a friend’s house to kick off the new year by watching football, gloming myself with food, getting drunk, playing some board games, and being as lazy as humanly possible.  This year, it’s watching everything online, eating some food, and not making a singular play on a game of boards.  The good thing is that I can adjust.  Unfortunately, the adjustments don’t look so hot for my Bowl Pick It and Stick It Standings.  Let’s take a look:

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It 2011: Twas The Day After Christmas

And all through the house, we had present unwrapping hangovers with eggnog thirst doused.  Oh wait, it’s not a poem I’m writing here, it’s the Bowl Pick It and Stick standings update!  Christmas scored well with me and I hope the holiday was in your top 5.  There was just a sprinkle of games in the last week, with the brunt of the bowls starting this afternoon with Missouri and North Carolina in the Independence Bowl.  So, with confidence points teetering the scores wildly, how did everyone in the pick set do?  Let’s find out.

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It: Puttering Off To A Tiny Start

Alrighty, we are back after a major kick off to the bowl season!  Um, okay it wasn’t that major.  We had three bowls Saturday and that was about it.  The weekend’s bouts featured on of the funniest sounding bowl names (Idaho Potato) as well as one of the funniest sounding matchups (San Diego State vs Louisiana Lafayette).  Only one game was a dud but the others provided some late game excitement.  I didn’t really watch them as much because of real day job work, but I caught enough of it to be happy bowl season started.  Let’s look at the standings:

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It: Final

Last night’s BCS Championship Game will almost hit classic status.  Auburn beat Oregon on a last second field goal.  It wasn’t the offense that made the noise but the defense.  The only really exciting play offensively was Auburn’s Michael Dyer crazy run on attempted tackle that ended up a flip.  I watched that from my blocky streamed Palm Pre last night.  Sprint TV saved the day for me as I have no cable in the house and a snow stormed kept me from heading out for the game.  My predictions were just as blocky so let’s see the final standings for the Bowl Pick It and Stick It:

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It Standings: New Year’s Resolutions and Bowl Settings

It’s the last week of college football and we’ve had enough drama to fill up the entire bowl season. Happy 2011 to everyone out there and I hope you survived any New Year’s Party you decided to attend. New Year’s day saw my annual tradition of going over to Jolly’s parents house and planting myself in one spot for 12 hours of college football. It was a good day for me as the overrated Big 10 went 0-5 that day and the Big 12 went 2-0. That and the left over ham from the New Year’s Party served us well in between meats, cheeses, and crackers. Beefy indeed. Here’s this week’s standings going into the last week:

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It: The Bowl Nine Yards

Here we are in the middle of bowl season.  I got some good gear for Xmas and I hope you got some too.  The bowl action was light in the last week, but we are now ramping up into the  meat of the schedule.  Most of the Big 12 schools will be playing this week and  there will be ample action in between.  Meanwhile, I Bowl Pick It and Stick It standings are out are some peeps jumping out of the gate quick.  Let’s look at that first:

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It: Bowlnanza!

Here’s the first standings update for the Bowl Pick It and Stick It.  This time we’re mixing it up a bit and going for straight picks only.  Most of the time the match-ups in bowls are pretty even so it’s a gimmie on who will actually win the game.  I also beat up on people in the regular season with the confidence points addition.  We’ve had 3 games already so the pack is pretty tight.  The main course starts tonight so I’ll run down the games and blab about them as I see fit.  First, let’s go over the standings:

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It: Pre-Bowling

Come on in, sit down, and let’s do some pre-bowling.  We’ve got a couple of more days for the string for bowls start up and we get a taste of bowls Saturday with three games.  Oh, you don’t know what pre-bowling is?  It’s kind of like pre-drinking.  Wait, you don’t know what that is?  Those of you who’ve been to college know what I’m talking about.  Pre-drinking is when you bust open some beer and drink away before going out.  It does two things: 1)  Save you some extra cash by not spending it at the bars as much, and 2) get you a little buzzed before going all out.  So let’s catch a bowl buzz and check out who’s playing Saturday.

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Crib Sheet: Coaching Carousel

Coaches come and coaches go, but we can’t believe how things are getting turned around in the very start of this off season.   Coaches leaving.  Coaches coming.  Some with long tenures, some with short.  The heads at the KCCGD headquarters are still a little scrambled.  Fortunately, we have this week’s Crib Sheet to help sort things out.  We’re sure you are about as confused as we are so let’s get right to it:

  • Missouri apologized for its band playing over the Navy’s fight song during their bowl game earlier.  It was the only thing they had over Navy in that game.  Navy’s still tooting their horn over the thumping they gave the Tigers.
  • South Florida fired Jim Leavitt after allegations of Leavitt beating up some kids.  The hammer is falling fast on tough coaches and it looks as though it will continue.  It almost seems like that’s enough for colleges to get out from under big contracts.  Either that or in this time and age you tell you assistant coach to rough up a kind instead of yourself.  So, Jim, take a deep breath and come back home to K-State.  Or hire a lawyer.
  • Meanwhile, on the fired coaches trip, Mike Leach accuses Texas Tech of slander and libel due to the fallout from his firing as head coach.  Leach’s camp states that the allegations from his treatment of Adam James hurts Leach’s reputation and his ability to get another job.  This legal battle will play out for a long time.  As you guessed it, Texas Tech asked the court to throw the case out.
  • In the meantime, Texas Tech already hired Tommy Tubberville as their new head coach.  He’s been trolling around for a new job since he got canned from Auburn.  He was displaying interest in Kansas when that job opened up.  Looks like Tech found a good replacement.
  • While we are in Texas, the Longhorns trainer officially told the press that there was no way Colt McCoy could continue to play in the BCS National Championship.  A pinched nerve and a dead arm is a serious thing.  Apparently, Colt tossed the ball to his high school coach dad and could only muster 7 yards in the locker room.  This will seal the deal on the mystery of Colt and what could of happened.
  • Nick Montana, son of NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana, returns to Notre Dame this year after a year away at community college.  It wasn’t because of grades, it was because he was not physically in shape for college ball.  We don’t think he’ll be a starter quick but it’s nice to see that a former Domer’s kid can make the same team.
  • Pete Carroll is your new NFL Seattle Seahawks head coach.  He talked about the process earlier this week.  The rumor mill was all over the place since Friday and Monday confirmed it.  There’s going to be a huge hole at USC and we’re still not sure who can fill it next.  Tune in next week.
  • When rumors of a coach leaving a school pops up, you tend to see other schools scramble to keep their coach.  Such is the case with Oregon State and Mike Riley.  He’s been really good with the Beavers and even the faintest rumor of a USC job got him a 3 year extension.
  • So who did USC get?  Well, Lane Kiffin, of course!  Rumors were flying all over about new candidates, but the former NFL Oakland Raiders head coach and now former Tennessee Volunteers head coach will take over.  Kiffin was an alumni for USC and a former Offensive Coordinator under Pete Carroll.  The time was really short for Kiffin’s tenures at both the pros and the college ranks.  We’re thinking that this is a ‘coming home’ type situation and that he’ll be there at least 3 years.  Hopefully.
  • So who’s number one for Tennessee now?  (Getting kind of ridiculous, isn’t it?)  Welp, Texas Defensive Coordinator and head coach heir Will Muschamp.  He was on the list last year when the Vols needed a coach so this will be the same kind of dance again.  Wethinks that Will’s getting another massive pay raise.
  • Colt McCoy’s moving on with life after a BCS Championship injury.  He proposed to his girlfriend at the Longhorns’ Memorial stadium.  It’s not as sweet as the Boise State guy doing it during the game, but it’s still a very sweet play on McCoy.

Bowl Pick It: It’s All Over

It’s all over folks.  The pageantry, the glory, the excitement, and yes the picks.  The title game proved there are many ways to tell the story of a game and we also found out that there are many ways to tell the story of the Bowl Pick It and Stick It.  In the case of the latter, it was actually pretty boring.  But hey, it gives us something more to share with each other when we celebrate the spectacle that is college football.  So with that in mind, let’s go over the very last pick it update of the season:

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BCS National Championship Game: Snowed In

We were gonna head out tonight to watch some National Championship flow but then all of the sudden the coldest and snowiest weather in Kansas City that I have ever seen just dumped all over us.  So, in the spirit of the first couple of National Championship games, we will be live blogging tweeting the game that pits Texas against Alabama.  Follow me on twitter @kccgd and be sure to see me when you search for #bcs.  As for who I think will win, I’m sticking with the Big 12 and going Texas.  I’m thinking they make it close and pull out another win similar to the time they won it against USC.  Watch and follow tonight!

Bowl Pick It Standings: The Holiday is Over

The holidays are over and we have just 4 games left to go on the Bowl Pick It and Stick It.  We here at the KCCGD all feel about 10 pounds heavier after chugging through the holiday foods and drinks.  So while we go map out a plan to lose the flab, check out the latest updates.  Please note:  there are some games left off from the results that we are saving for the last update.  The final numbers will be a little off.  That said, here’s the update:

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Bowl Pick It Standings: Xmas Snow Blows

Welp, we’ve kicked off the snow from our shoes after a long day of sludging through the snow to bring you the Bowl Pick It update.  If you have been anywhere near Big 12 country in the last week or you, you know what we mean.  Whoever dreamt of white christmas this year turned it into a nightmare.  We made it around safe, but it was some sloooow driving and tons of time scrapping and brushing.  It’s a big pain, but it’s worth it for the snow.  Speaking of being worth it, we got our fisrt update for picks!  Some people remembered, some forgot, and some rolled the dice.  Here’s the first real wave of update:

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Big 12 Bowl Preview and Predictions

Alrighty,  we are in the 1st quarter of bowl season and fortunately we don’t have any Big 12 bowl games until next week.  So we have the opportunity to preview and predict what’s coming up in the next couple of weeks for the Big 12.  We’ll talk briefly about the match up and go into our expert predictions.  Chew on this while you are doing your last minute shopping on Amazon.  Oh and please pick us up something nice while you’re at it.

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