Bowl Pick It and Stick It: Puttering Off To A Tiny Start

Alrighty, we are back after a major kick off to the bowl season!  Um, okay it wasn’t that major.  We had three bowls Saturday and that was about it.  The weekend’s bouts featured on of the funniest sounding bowl names (Idaho Potato) as well as one of the funniest sounding matchups (San Diego State vs Louisiana Lafayette).  Only one game was a dud but the others provided some late game excitement.  I didn’t really watch them as much because of real day job work, but I caught enough of it to be happy bowl season started.  Let’s look at the standings:

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1 Klein vs. Ditka-Who would win? 2 of 3 21 628
2 Wolfpack 1 of 3 6 610
3 Wharf Rats 1 of 3 3 608
3 ksu 1 of 3 3 627
5 Wildbeebz 1 of 3 1 625
6 Purple Yeti 0 of 3 0 0

In no surprise whatsoever, I’m in last!  I missed all of my picks.  I wish we had the spread coverage back.  Now one thing you will notice is that I have 0 remaining points.  That’s because I did not take the time yet to fill out the rest of my bowl picks.  I have time before each game to make my pick and will spent a little more time coming up with some winners.  In the meantime, Klein vs Ditka-Who would win?  has a commanding lead thanks to the 16 point token of confidence he laid down on Temple’s beat down of Wyoming.  Ah but the game has just begun.  Tune next week for another tasty update.