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Crib Sheet: Crispy Tan

No fireworks last weekend but lots of fun and sun by the cool.  So yeah, I’m feeling like a KFC extra crispy.  It’s not enough to stop me from bringing this week’s Crib Sheet:

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Bowl Pick It and Stick It: The Bowl Nine Yards

Here we are in the middle of bowl season.  I got some good gear for Xmas and I hope you got some too.  The bowl action was light in the last week, but we are now ramping up into the  meat of the schedule.  Most of the Big 12 schools will be playing this week and  there will be ample action in between.  Meanwhile, I Bowl Pick It and Stick It standings are out are some peeps jumping out of the gate quick.  Let’s look at that first:

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Pick It Standings Week 04: Stormy Weather

So the first official weekend of fall lead to what we called football weather and it turned some things upside down.  The Central Florida at Kansas State game was delayed for one hour and a half.  Baylor also had to sit through a delay.  Now on the field, the Texas loss to UCLA also turned some heads as lighting struck 3 times in a row for the Bruins.  Yup,  UCLA beat Texas the last 3 times they played each other.  Now, there were the typical blow outs but we are about to head into Week 5 and it will get even messier.  Let’s check out how the Pick It and Stick it played out first.

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Johnny’s Hall of Fame was not that Lame

Even thought the weekend at hand had more than just college football at play, we managed to make it out to a hot spot of sports for Des Moines, Iowa.  Granted it was in the downtown district and amazingly enough we got the same type of people out there that we see in downtown Kansas City.  Yeah, lots of Ed Hardy shirts. But even though the efforts of the douche bag army tried to stamp out our fun, we managed to kick it pretty well up there in God’s Country.  Recovery mode on.

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