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Football Feedings 2014 Week 09: Texas Turkey


Back into the stride this week and back for some awesome football.  So this week, we wanted to commemorate the fact that Kansas State own Texas.  No they really do.  Look at your records.  So to help punctuate it, we here at KCCGD decided to roast up a Texas Turkey.  It’s a month early but it was easy pulling the trigger on this one.

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Pick It And Stick It: Stick-to-itiveness


Last week Kansas State bounced back, as I correctly predicted, and now it’s time for them to keep sawing that wood.  There’s plenty of other teams out there with saws that have plenty of 2×4’s to tackle.  We’ll tackle what I think they will do this weekend rightcheer.  You know, I have a saw myself for the picks.  It’s time I get back on the track.  Now where’s that wood.

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Football Feedings 2012 Week 01: Kickoff with Queso and Boulevard

I’m kicking off a new feature this year because I’ve found that staying at home is the best college football watching experience.  What you say?  Check out some of my Purple Yet Roars to find ou why.  In short, with streaming live games coming of age these days, I can watch 4 games of my choosing at the same time without missing a beat.  So, for filling the void in the bar food department left by this decision, I’m going to start making some tasty home food creations and pairing them with a different beer each week.  Think of it as the beer/food pairing spot from the barspotting posts of old.  Let’s get this thing started. Continue reading Football Feedings 2012 Week 01: Kickoff with Queso and Boulevard

GameDay: Rivalry Awry

Well, Missouri had their Board of Curators meeting in Kansas City, Missouri this week.  After the long battle to decide teacher stuff, the administrators for the university came out to do a press conference and somewhat announce their intentions on conference realignment.  They did their best to say that they are exploring their options, but fumbled about and pretty much exposed their favor for the SEC.  They also tried to leave an open for their rival.

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GameDay: Watching My Team

You know, I came down to Austin for a new job and now I’m trolling town trying to find a place to watch my Kansas State Wildcats.  The initial feeling I had coming from Kansas City was that it would be almost impossible to watch a Big 12 ‘North’ team down here in Longhorn land.  This whole fist month of college football for me have been about expectations.  I think after today, it’s safe to assume that I can watch my team just about anywhere in Austin. Continue reading GameDay: Watching My Team

GameDay: Covert Ninja Football Watching

Welp, we are we are in week three here for the new barspotting and college football season. The first one was easy because I was watching Kansas State online. Kudos to being ahead of the curve, alma mater. Last weekend, I was back in Kansas City plus the Wildcats were not playing, so that was an easy week. This week presents a bigger challenge. It’s the first real test of going out and finding a place to watch my team that is not a local team. Continue reading GameDay: Covert Ninja Football Watching

HomeSpotting: Homeward Bound

Yeah, so soon right?  This weekend I’m forgoing my new home and heading up to Kansas City, the place I was born and raised.  Long story short:  I didn’t get a chance to visit the last time I was up there so I figured this weekend would be a good one to do so.  It’s after Labor Day so the tickets were cheaper plus I get to watch my 2nd favorite team Notre Dame play my homey Jolly’s favorite team Michigan.  There’s a BBQ to be had so nothing official, sorry Tanner’s.  But it will be a blast and I will do my best to recount it amongst the haze. Continue reading HomeSpotting: Homeward Bound

GameDay: That Same Old Feeling

Oh yes. It’s that time of the year again. That time to get up on a Saturday and deluge yourself with the best sport ever: college football. Although, this year is a little different. I’m in a new town. Will things be just like it was in Kansas City? Or would there be something completely different than what I’m used to. I can say after only one half of a day, that it’s that same old feeling. Continue reading GameDay: That Same Old Feeling

Throwing Darts in 2011: Prediction Time

Here we go on my annual predictions for the upcoming college football season. I peer into my crystal viking horn and blow out what I think will happen for the year 2011.  From the BCS Championship Game to what color socks Oregon will wear in week 10, I throw it all on the board and see what makes triples and doubles.  So what do I think will happen?  Let’s find out:

  • Going big, the BCS Championship Game will be between Alabama and Oregon.  Alabama’s avoided the NCAA cartel but Oregon hasn’t as much.  I’m taking a risk on Oregon, but I don’t see any other team outside of the SEC that is title worthy.  Sure there’s Oklahoma but man I’ve been burned by them before.
  • Texas A&M will leave the Big 12 to go the SEC.  The SEC will poach and ACC, probably Florida State.  The Big 12 stays in Texas and nabs either SMU or Houston.
  • Mike Leach will show up in a pirate outfit on Halloween.  I’m not sure where, but it will be damn scary.
  • The NCAA hires enough people for them to actually do their job.  This is a big guess.
  • The first ever Big 10 Championship Game will feature new member Nebraska and current NCAA crosshairs, Ohio State.  Ohio State wins it and causes everyone to freak out.
  • Like I said before, Oregon will win the inaugural Pac 12 Championship Game against Arizona State.
  • Tyler Gabbert will not be a starting quarterback.
  • In my Big 12 preview, I picked Oklahoma to win the Big 12 but they will not be undefeated and will choke against somebody.
  • Super recruiter Willie Lyles will be paid even more money by selling recruiting tapes of a young breakout by the name of Hershel Walker.
  • I have no friggin’ clue who will win the Heisman this year.  Probably LaMichael James, he was a finalist last year.  Yeah, so was Andrew Luck but I’m picking the Ducks over the Trees this year.
  • Notre Dame gets on the winning track this year by displaying a tall video tower at the end of the opponents field for each home game.  They may, by the grace of God, make a BCS bowl this year.
  • Penn State head coach Joe Paterno will NOT die on the field this.  I’ve tried hard with this in the past but I need my prediction average to go up.
  • Kansas fans will start asking about basketball season after the 1st quarter of the first football game this year.
  • The Longhorn Network will not be successful to begin with.  Texas finishing in the middle of the Big 12/10/9 will force ESPN to dump a bunch of infomercials on it.  Hook ‘Em Horns Turbo Snakes anyone?  There’s already Snuggies.
  • TCU will step on Boise State’s neck the only year they are together in the Mountain West Conference.
  • This whole mess with players not getting enough resources to go through college will stop.  We’ll see at cost scholarships show up so the players can get a stipend to pay for laundry and lap dances.
  • One of the Brown brothers will do good, the other one will be mediocre for Kansas State.  Still, the Wildcats make a bowl.
  • Craig James will still be a douche.
  • Erin Andrews will get bumped off the top sideline hottie list.  At least there’s naked pictures of her online.
  • The Ivy League, after limiting collision practice and targeting head injuries, will be the first conference to go all flag football.  No one will care.
  • And finally, I will get used to being in a different town.  Kansas City was nice and Austin is turning out to be pretty cool.  I also predict that I will not miss the snow but will miss the snow days.

Welcome to KC College GameDay – In Austin!

Okay yeah there’s not that much change around here.   For those of you that don’t know, I moved from Kansas City to Austin earlier this year.  I’m finally getting on my feet here but this blog is one of things I need to settle now.  The whole point of this blog was to go around Kansas City and find the best sports bars to watch the best sport, college football.  Well life changes can jack things up a bit so now I’m unjacking this part.  I thought long and hard and decided to keep on doing what I’m doing.

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Crib Sheet: Media Day Menagerie

Oh yeah lot’s of squawking and a talking this week.  Media Days are here and the Big 12’s focus this year is the Longhorns Network, not the impending doom of the conference.  Although some would say that the network is the started of a long doom for the conference.  This week’s Crib Sheet delves into that as well as the usual news items that comes across my desk.  So let’s dig in:

Mascot Monday: The Cavalier and CavMan

Happy Independence Day to everyone here from the KCCGD blog.  Even though it says Kansas City, I’m down here in Austin for good but it doesn’t matter because it’s all American baby.  More on that change here in a couple of months.  In the meantime, I was going through the mascots that I’ve yet to look at from this year’s Phil Steele’s Top 50 list, but since today is a very special day we are going to forgo that and head straight into a patriotic mascot.  What I pulled out of my stars and striped hat was the Virginia Cavalier and CavMan.

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So Long KC, Hello Austin

I’ve been searching for the words for the past month and all I’ve mustered is a bunch of put offs and teases.  So here it goes:  I found a job in Austin and moved there from Kansas City.  What will that do with the blog?  I’m not sure yet.  I always iterate every two years on the design but this kind of change warrants even more.  One thing I can assure you is that I will continue to write in some form.  Whether its under the KCCGD moniker or something else, there will always be a place for ramblings on college football.

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GameDay: A Kansas Citian’s View of Big 10 Country

So I thought last week was chilly.  Yeah it’s even colder up closer to the Great White North.  Or what I like to call the Not Quite Great White North.  I’m up here for other obligations and I’m excited not only for that but for being able to see what Big 10 country is like.  Now, a couple of weeks ago we were up in Des Moines, but that was on the edge.  I’m in Minnesota.  I’m in the heart of Big 10 country.  I’ve heard of and talked smack on the aura of the Big 10 and now it’s time I see what it’s like.

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