So Long KC, Hello Austin

I’ve been searching for the words for the past month and all I’ve mustered is a bunch of put offs and teases.  So here it goes:  I found a job in Austin and moved there from Kansas City.  What will that do with the blog?  I’m not sure yet.  I always iterate every two years on the design but this kind of change warrants even more.  One thing I can assure you is that I will continue to write in some form.  Whether its under the KCCGD moniker or something else, there will always be a place for ramblings on college football.

Some of you may think, “You’ve betrayed us for the south, turncoat!”  That’s not really true.  My professional life found me down here with everything improving all around.  It was something that I couldn’t pass up.  Sure, I’ll miss the Border War, Johnny’s Tavern, Tanner’s, Lew’s, the fans, and the great food.  Sometimes life can close doors on your when you’re not ready.  Although in this case a new door opened up.

I pretty much hit up all of the sports bars in Kansas City by the end of last year.  After about 4 years of local bar patronage, the difficulty of finding something new and good was at an all time high.  I half thought about quiting the blog.  But a new door, and more importantly new bars, is now in front of me and I have a chance to start a new tour.  Admittedly, I like being the stranger in a strange town.  Being a Kansas State Wildcat helps as well.  We love Texas for all the right reasons.

So I will more than likely kick off a new barspot tour this fall.  The only other change I see is a website design and/or domain name change.  I’m not sure I’ll have two different sites, however.  So with that said, if anyone is interested in continuing the tradition, because college football is all about tradition, shoot me and email at [email protected].  I hope I can keep it alive.  In the meantime, keep it here for Crib Sheets and Mascot Mondays plus look for something new before the season.