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Purple Yeti Roar 03: I Hardy Knew Ye

We are full swing into the offseason.  Signing day is coming up and that’s the only exciting thing going on in college football right now.  Granted, there was a Pro Bowl Sunday and we _do_ have the Super Bowl this weekend but that’s the NFL.  We are here for college football.  So, with that in mind, the latest Roar talks about bad rap videos, recruiting drama, and Ed Hardy douchery.  Yes, it is that slow.  Here we go:

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Crib Sheet: Winds Of Change (Pocket) Blowing In Miami

This week’s drama is Miami and the Ponzi schemed Nevin Shapiro who was making it rain all over the place.  Among the accused, two new Alabama assistant coaches, a former Husker,  newly minted K-Stater’s Bryce and Arthur Brown, Missouri head basketball coach Frank Haith, and 15 current Miami players.  This summer has been brutal for college football on the public relations side.  It’s been all about the money and breaking the rules.  It’s like NASCAR.  Or worse yet, baseball.  Winds of change will be blowing real quick.  Maybe it means the players will finally get paid.  On to the Crib Sheet: Continue reading Crib Sheet: Winds Of Change (Pocket) Blowing In Miami

Crib Sheet: Media Day Menagerie

Oh yeah lot’s of squawking and a talking this week.  Media Days are here and the Big 12’s focus this year is the Longhorns Network, not the impending doom of the conference.  Although some would say that the network is the started of a long doom for the conference.  This week’s Crib Sheet delves into that as well as the usual news items that comes across my desk.  So let’s dig in: