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Purple Yeti Roar 03: I Hardy Knew Ye

We are full swing into the offseason.  Signing day is coming up and that’s the only exciting thing going on in college football right now.  Granted, there was a Pro Bowl Sunday and we _do_ have the Super Bowl this weekend but that’s the NFL.  We are here for college football.  So, with that in mind, the latest Roar talks about bad rap videos, recruiting drama, and Ed Hardy douchery.  Yes, it is that slow.  Here we go:

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Stadiumspotting: Thursday Night Lights

This will be the first off day stadiumspotting for us and we’re super excited.  Kansas State hosts Nebraska for probably the last time ever and they are both undefeated.  The electricity will be huge in the Little Apple and we will be there to cover it.  Chances are we will make our way back to a bar Saturday but we’ll go ahead and tweet the location when we decided where.  Until then, it’s half day action at work then a split time of driving and football watching.  This Purple Yeti is more than pumped for the biggest game of the year for the Wildcats.

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Crib Sheet: Ready to Ride I-70

A very special lady sprung on me some tickets to the Kansas State and Nebraska game going on tomorrow.  So we’ll do some Stadiumspotting there as well get you stoked for this week of football.  First thing is first, though.  This week’s Crib Sheet goes over some of the hottest news items of the last week.  We have some spicy giblets ready to feed ya and then we’re gonna get the car ready for the impromptu road trip.  On to the sheet: