Crib Sheet: Winds Of Change (Pocket) Blowing In Miami

This week’s drama is Miami and the Ponzi schemed Nevin Shapiro who was making it rain all over the place.  Among the accused, two new Alabama assistant coaches, a former Husker,  newly minted K-Stater’s Bryce and Arthur Brown, Missouri head basketball coach Frank Haith, and 15 current Miami players.  This summer has been brutal for college football on the public relations side.  It’s been all about the money and breaking the rules.  It’s like NASCAR.  Or worse yet, baseball.  Winds of change will be blowing real quick.  Maybe it means the players will finally get paid.  On to the Crib Sheet:

  • Poor Al Golden, he’s taking the high road in this thing.  It’s time to leave Dodge because the U will blow away any time now.
  • Don’t worry about the KSU’s Brown brothers, the NCAA has no beef with them.
  • Ohio State president, Gordon Gee, hung out with the Little Sisters of the Poor as penance for cracking a joke about them last year during the realignment drama.  Oh man, that’s got to be brutal.  Did he play peanuckle with the nuns?  I hope he didn’t have to rub any bunions.
  • Money is no problem for Justin Combs.   The UCLA recruit just happens to have P. Diddy as his father.  So while all of this Ponzi scheming and paying off player drama swirls around, P. Diddy’s kid shows up to UCLA’s football practice with a bunch of high profile former alumni.  That’s one way to sell the kid.  Also, it’s a tad on the ironic side.
  • Okay, the Big 12 doesn’t need to work about the Longhorn Network.  At least that’s what Texas and ESPN says.  Um, yeah, of course they would say that.  I don’t think the league will sleep easier now because of those words.
  • Jordan Webb is your starting quarterback for Kansas the upcoming season.  You know, I’m not sure how much great news will be coming out of Lawrence this year, but I do know that if he is given the ball his whole college career, he should grow into a somewhat decent competitor.  Webb doesn’t have to worry about mega recruit Brock Berglund, because he will sit out a year and still be on the team.
  • In no surprise to anyone, Oklahoma is numero uno for the AP in its preseason poll.  They followed in line with the coaches really well.
  • One of the players the started the whole issue with Oregon and Willie Lyles, Lache Seastrunk, asked for and got his release from Oregon.  We don’t know yet why but I’m going to guess he was tired of the spotlight and the dark cloud of recruiting hanging over his head.  Get your umbrellas ready, Baylor, he’s coming home to Texas and your doorstep.
  • Hole on to your horses, folks, the Longhorn Network won’t show live high school games, but will plan on showing highlights from the high school games.  I don’t know if it’s the sneaky underhandedness of Texas or if it’s the other schools not asking for highlights to be stricken as well.  We’re just gonna go through this whole ‘leaving the Big 12’ dance again.  Who knows, maybe forcing a contract with the league will help.
  • The fabled Cy-Hawk Trophy, the desirous decor fought over by state rivals Iowa and Iowa State, got a new look.  And it sucks.  A family playing with corn?  Wow, and Iowans wonder why they get no respect on the playing field.  In fact, it’s so bad that officials decided to scrap it.  Back to the drawing board.
  • Mike Leach’s case against Texas Tech is still alive.  The Texas Supreme Court asked for more information regarding his issue with the school.  Most people thought it was dead, but the courts down here are keeping it alive just a little bit longer.
  • Just so you know, the Big 10 shuttered its expansion plans.  I think they are going to live through a couple of years of championship games before they catch up with every other conference.  Smart move for them, they need to adjust to new things first before piling on new teams.
  • Looks like Appalachian St. might make the jump to the FBS division.  It make sense, they’ve dominated the FCS for last 7-8 years and had that one massive upset against Michigan at the Big House a couple of years ago.
  • The Fiesta Bowl will now be played on January 2nd now that the NFL lockout is done and preseason is on tube.
  • The Longhorn Network has a couple of minor distributors.  Nothing like last second TV deals to get the blood a flowing.  ESPN was kind enough to kick off their competitor, RecruitingNation, by featuring none other than Texas.  HornsNation is the name, no surprises is the game.
  • A bar fight that involved four LSU football players, including starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson, made the waves in the last week.  Rumor has it that a Marine got kicked in the head.  The kids were gonna talk to the police but have opted instead to hire a lawyer.  No matter what happens, head coach Les Miles promises strong action.  Although no one seems to believe him.
  • Hawaii might play a game in Japan.  Nice!  First professional wrestling, then baseball, now football!  The first ginormouse defensive tackle will NOT be nicknamed Godzilla.
  • Okay, Maryland, we get it.  You want to be the next Oregon for uniforms.  I just can’t get passed the helmets.  Seriously, the recently Cy-Hawk Trophy was better looking.