GameDay: A Kansas Citian’s View of Big 10 Country

So I thought last week was chilly.  Yeah it’s even colder up closer to the Great White North.  Or what I like to call the Not Quite Great White North.  I’m up here for other obligations and I’m excited not only for that but for being able to see what Big 10 country is like.  Now, a couple of weeks ago we were up in Des Moines, but that was on the edge.  I’m in Minnesota.  I’m in the heart of Big 10 country.  I’ve heard of and talked smack on the aura of the Big 10 and now it’s time I see what it’s like.

I’m a Big 12 boy.  I grew up in Kansas, I went to Kansas State, and yup I write a Big 12/Kansas City centric football blog.  So my roots ground deeply into the tradition of the old Big 8 and new Big 12.  So when I hear the Big 10 people talk a bunch of smack about how my conference is puny and how it doesn’t compare to the rich tradition of the Big 10, I want to break chairs over their head.  Especially after the Great Expansion Hype of 2010.

Of course all I have to do is point to the number BCS National Championships (and appearances) for the Big 12 and I feel better.  Yes in recent history, the Big 12 fares well.  But it still bugs me that Big 10 people walk around like they are still the number one conference out there.  Do they not see what it’s been like for the last decade?  They remind me of Nebraska fans.  Ah, that’s why the Cornhuskers moving to the Big 10 makes sense now.

The point is that I do not understand Big 10 fans.  Great, I’m sure Big 10 fans don’t understand me.  Today I get a chance to see what it’s like in another part of the football universe.  And much like Steve Irwin hoping into the water to wrestle a Croc, I’ll be diving in to see how Big 10 fandom works compared to the KC College GameDay.  Crikies!  There won’t be short shorts on this guy either, it’s too cold.

There should be alot to learn.  Minnesota’s hosting Northwestern because they probably believe that they can beat them.  Except that Northwestern is actually undefeated.  Okay, maybe it will be close.  Regardless, I’ll see which historic figure stands taller in terms of football history.  I should be able to see what the locals think of the rest of the Big 10.  Heck, I may even get to hear everyone’s opinions about the Big 12.  My guess is “It’s all Texas, ain’t it?”

This will be alot of fun.  Maybe I’ll luck out and get a ticket into the game.  It’s been too long since I’ve actually attended a game. How ironic would it be that the first one of this year is at a Big 10 stadium?  Hey if that falls through,  there will be a great bar to roll into and maybe I’ll get to discover some local, regional grease ball of food along with a local brewery’s specialty.  I’m already starting to salivate at the thought.