Pick It And Stick It: Gopher More

Okay so in case you’ve heard we are heading up north.  Yup, it’s gonna be chilly but hopefully not as chilly as some of the picks we have this week.  There’s only 25, our lowest of the year so far, and we’re feeling the pinch of lower confidence points.  Pick well, every one.  Dig down deep and go for more.  You’ll need to be spot on for this set and probably the rest of the sets.

Final Status (PDT)
(16)Miami (FL) vs @Clemson 3.0 Sat 10/02 09:00am
Florida St. vs @Virginia 7.0 Sat 10/02 09:00am
(2)Ohio St. vs @Illinois 17.0 Sat 10/02 09:00am
Northwestern vs @Minnesota 5.0 Sat 10/02 09:00am
@(10)Auburn vs LA Monroe 35.0 Sat 10/02 09:00am
@Baylor vs Kansas 9.0 Sat 10/02 09:00am
@Connecticut vs Vanderbilt 7.5 Sat 10/02 09:00am
@Mississippi vs Kentucky 3.0 Sat 10/02 09:20am
(5)TCU vs @Colorado St. 33.0 Sat 10/02 11:00am
@Air Force vs Navy 10.0 Sat 10/02 11:30am
Virginia Tech vs @(23)N.C. State 4.0 Sat 10/02 12:30pm
@(8)Oklahoma vs (21)Texas 3.5 Sat 10/02 12:30pm
(19)Michigan vs @Indiana 10.0 Sat 10/02 12:30pm
(11)Wisconsin vs @(24)Michigan St. 1.5 Sat 10/02 12:30pm
@(12)LSU vs Tennessee 16.0 Sat 10/02 12:30pm
@Oregon St. vs Arizona St. 3.5 Sat 10/02 03:30pm
Georgia vs @Colorado 4.5 Sat 10/02 04:00pm
Texas Tech vs @Iowa St. 7.0 Sat 10/02 04:00pm
Notre Dame vs @Boston Coll. 2.5 Sat 10/02 05:00pm
(3)Boise St. vs @New Mexico St. 43.0 Sat 10/02 05:00pm
@(4)Oregon vs (9)Stanford 7.0 Sat 10/02 05:00pm
@(18)USC vs Washington 10.0 Sat 10/02 05:00pm
@(1)Alabama vs (7)Florida 8.0 Sat 10/02 05:00pm
@(17)Iowa vs (22)Penn St. 7.0 Sat 10/02 05:05pm
(25)Nevada vs @UNLV 20.5 Sat 10/02 07:00pm

Alrighty what do we have here?  Boise State has a huge point spread over New Mexico State.  Auburn has a massive spread against Louisana-Monroe.  The next closest is Nevada favored over UNLV.  On the closer side of things, Wisconsin and Michigan State looks to be a toss up.  So does the Holy War with Notre Dame and Boston College.  Of course, the real big games have a further spread.  Alabama is up 8 points on Florida and Oregon is 7 points up on Stanford.  Hopefully those two will be alot closer.  Meanwhile, the homecoming game for Minnesota has the visitor, Northwestern, up 5 points.  Maybe we’ll go to that game.  You never know.