Crib Sheet: Crispy Tan

No fireworks last weekend but lots of fun and sun by the cool.  So yeah, I’m feeling like a KFC extra crispy.  It’s not enough to stop me from bringing this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Utah attorney general Mark Shurtleff is trying to round up support again for an antitrust lawsuit against the BCS.  Um, leave it alone guy, it’s not gonna happen any time soon.
  • The short tenured former head coach for Pittsburgh Mike Haywood filed a request for the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission to investigate his firing over an alleged battery charged.  The charge was dropped and he’s wanting to know why they jumped the gun.  You know, I’m for justice and if he didn’t do anything then he should still have a job.
  • The SEC sent some recommendations to the NCAA to help modernize recruiting.  One idea: remove the ban on texting.  It’s about time.  Nobody talks on the phone anymore.  I hope the NCAA does that post haste.
  • Tyler Gabbert finally picked a place to transfer too.  That place is Louisville.  I hope he finds the talent his older brother Blaine has down there in Kentucky.
  • Just in case you are into the reality television crowd, be sure to check out Bravo’s Dallas’ Most Eligible.  Former Texas quarterback Matt Nordgren will be on the show.  Be sure to tell me what the show’s like.
  • On the way to the Pac 12, Colorado football coach Jon Embree mentioned that the Buffaloes are going from the “Little Apple to Los Angeles.” For those of you in the know, the “Little Apple” is Manhattan, Kansas, the home of Kansas State.  Being an alum, I need to merely point out that Kansas State won the Big 12 last between the two.  Okay yeah I know that Colorado has a National Championship notched in their belt.  But it’s better to be here in the LA.  That I can tell from experience.
  • Alabama running back Trent Richardson was the victim of a hit and run last week.  He wasn’t hurt and there’s no way to tell if he was walking or in a car.  At any rate, they cops ticketed a person for leaving the scene and Richardson didn’t press charges.  I figure the boosters will take care of the kid.
  • BCS director Bill Hancock met with the Department of Justice over the what the DOJ thinks is an antitrust case.  Hancock said that he’s pretty confident that no antitrust exists, pointing out the history of before the BCS and history during it.  I’m thinking the DOJ wanted to alleve concerns from other politicians and that they’ll quiet down for awhile.
  • A jury found that Central Florida’s Athletic Association was negligent in the 2008 death of Ereck Plancher, whom died during the football team’s conditional drills.  Overheating is a big deal, especially with sickle cell anemia afflicting so many players.  Hopefully this is a wake up call for all athletic departments.
  • Just so you know, Nebraska and Colorado are both officially out of the Big 12.  Good riddens.
  • Back to Big 12 land, check out the latest episode of DP and AJ Take on KU.  I have to say they are the most entertaining thing coming out of Kansas right now.  Best line of the video: “I’m tired of you being The Last Airbender!”  Awesome.
  • Notre Dame will pay $42,000 for safety violations and an undisclosed amount to the memorial of the student videographer, Declan Sullivan, who died taping practice awhile ago.  Meanwhile, they will change their sexual harassment policy after an investigation surrounding the suicide of a student at an all girl’s school who accused a Notre Dame player of harassment.  The investigation didn’t specifically cite the student, but the recommendations should make for similar complaints to be addressed more quickly.
  • That scout that Oregon paid for bad data and Texas recruits said that Chip Kelly himself approved of the payment and requested retroactive profiles to cover things up.  Ruh roh, maybe the cost of LaMichael James and Lache Seastrunk will be a ton of NCAA violations for the Ducks.
  • Texas wide receiver Marquise Goodwin will actually skip this year’s football season because of his success with the long jump.  He’s also planning on trying out for the Olympics.  Good for him and good for the rest of the teams playing the Longhorns this year.
  • He’ll miss being on the Longhorns Network and playing against college football juggernaut Rice! Well, that and a Big 12 opponent.  Welp, people around here are nonplussed but that’s because they are both home games.  It’s a good start though, I guessed it would only be one game.
  • Purdue senior running back Sean Matti’s body was found yesterday after he had gone missing in Lake Shoreman over the weekend.  There were reports down here of a body missing in Lake Travis.  People, be careful at the lakes and wear your life preserves.
  • Nebraska reported to the NCAA that they distributed $28,000 to student athletes from 2007-2010.  Come on now, since when do Cornhusker players read?