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Purple Yeti Roar 62: Johnny Twitter Advice


Hey!  I’m back this week and I end up actually spending most of my time on Johnny Football.  Okay, well more like how he quit Twitter and how you should use the social service yourself.  Trust me.  I’m an epxert.  I also BS my way through news like Sun Belt, Idaho, New Mexico State, Big East, Tulsa, Western Kentucky, Conference USA, and Cowboys Stadium.

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Purple Yeti Roar 31: The Season Has Started….For KCCGD!

Ho man, I’ve been waiting all year for this day.  Well it’s not the most important day, but the 2nd most.  You see, it’s my season kick off for another year of KCCGD.  I’m so stoked about what’s coming this week, but I also have some time to talk about last week’s college football news.  Yup, we’re gonna go over Nebraska, Helium, Penn State, Champions Bowl, Jerry Dome, New Orleans, Dallas, LSU, Tyrann Mathieu, Notre Dame, Maryland, Idaho, WAC, Wisconsin, Danny O’Brien, Kansas State, and Justin Tuggle. Continue reading Purple Yeti Roar 31: The Season Has Started….For KCCGD!

Pick It and Stick It: Sticking With The Crowd

It’s the hustle and bustle of college football.  At the beginning of the year, everyone is tied 0-0.  Slowly and weekly, the winners bubble up and the losers peter out.  We’re getting into week 3 and it’s still crowded.  We haven’t yet hit the real bubbling point.  Apparently it’s Road Test Weekend so we’ll more than likely get the cauldron cooking real quick.  Speaking of being crowded, I’m planning and surfing the flesh at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Granted I have Sunday tickets so it won’t be too bad, but Saturday’s at Third Base Sports Bar.  Let’s hope people don’t bubble up vomit and I don’t peter out.

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Barspotting: Thirdbase

Alrighty welp I’m back for another week of actual Barspotting.  Kansas City was nice and all but I’ve been to all the good bars up there and now I’m ready to hit (or find) the good bars down here in Austin.  This week I’m going to try to get to Third Base.  Hopefully, I can play my cards right and get there to brag about it all to you on Monday morning.  From the looks of things it’s a hot spot to be at so I know it’ll be crowded with others when I get there.  Come on and join me!

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Pick It Standings Week 11: Drawing A Blank

You know, I wanted to talk about something going on in college football, but I just can’t put my finger on it.  It’s on the tipe of my tongue and it’s some other cliched phrase as well.  Oh well, if I remember it, I will talk about it later.   We have some Pick It and Stick It to go over.  The polls had some changes at the top but the BCS didn’t really chamge much.  In the pick league, the top pretty much stayed the same as well.  Let’s look at the standings:

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Pick It and Stick It: Wet and Moist

Rainy falls days make for some great college football talk.   This is the time of year when snow and rain play more into games on Saturday.  I talked about football weather before, but for some reason Kansas City has yet to see any kind of weather until now.  Maybe that makes up for the massive blast of cold and snow from last year.  Whatever it is, look for more slipping and sliding on the fields Saturday.  Also, look for more a slipping and a sliding on the picks this week.  We have about 30 games to chose from so confidence will play in heavily.

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Bowl Pick It Standings: The Holiday is Over

The holidays are over and we have just 4 games left to go on the Bowl Pick It and Stick It.  We here at the KCCGD all feel about 10 pounds heavier after chugging through the holiday foods and drinks.  So while we go map out a plan to lose the flab, check out the latest updates.  Please note:  there are some games left off from the results that we are saving for the last update.  The final numbers will be a little off.  That said, here’s the update:

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Crib Sheet: Big Fat Bully


So yesterday there was a big hoopla about Kansas coach Mark Mangino and his reported abuse of players earlier this year.  What’s the abuse?  From what we’re read so far it’s yelling and poking a player in the chest.  Okay, so if this guy gets canned over just that, then it’s an indictment on the culture that is Kansas athletics.  It’s college football people.  If you don’t do your job, you will be disciplined.  Now if it turns out he did more, then it’s more on Mangino’s wide shoulders and his lack to control his emotions.  Our take?  Kansas is in a losing streak and the fair weather, bandwagon, and easy to over hype their expectations players, player’s parents, and fans have shown their true colors.  What coach will want to come there to lead a football team when the everyone at Kansas University whine and cry like a bunch on babies?  Oh and superstar, Pullitzer prize winning Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock says this happened because Mark Mangino is fat.  Great reporting there, guy.   Here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Now this is what rivalries are all about.  The Idaho athletic director refused to board an airplane because it was painted in Boise State colors.  We love hearing stories like this.  Hopefully they paint a jet or a helicopter in Idaho colors soon.
  • USA Today has an article about the two biggest money making conferences, the SEC and Big 10.  They fill up the media outlets.  The SEC inked a deal with ESPN and they are pumped everywhere.  Meanwhile, the Big 10 has their own flipping channel.  The difference?  The SEC is actually winning games.  We’re tired of both conferences.
  • Speaking of Boise State, they are now selling stock in their program.  Yes, a big time college program needs to generate money by offering shares in their program.  Do you see Texas or Florida doing this?  Nope.  That’s because they actually have a fan base.
  • Tennessee student Corey Zickafoose won’t press chargers against the three Volunteer football players that attempted to rob him last week. That’s pretty hardcore.  Most people are calling him stupid.  We’re not sure where we land on this one.  Second chances are American, but is doing it for the sake of your favorite football a good reason to give one? Oh and Tennessee went ahead and dismissed two of them from the team.
  • Ole Miss chancellor Dan Jones banned their fight song at games because the students typically chant “the South will rise again” at the end.  While the intent is to remove the stigma that the Rebels have regarding racial insensitivity, students chanting that the south will rise again seems a little small compared to other methods he could employ.  Banning the use of the rebel flag (which they have) makes just a little more sense than banning the fight song, especially when it comes to recruiting players.

Pick It and Stick It: Crusting Over With Joy


We’re in a good mood this week.  Thanksgiving is coming up.  The bowl picture is settling up.  We even have a local team in the running for the Big 12 North title.  Even though we are inching closer to the end of the season, it already has met expectations for entertainment.  We have a little pep in our step.  We also have some games coming up tomorrow that should keep us hopping.  So whistle while you work and check out this week’s Pick It and Stick It:

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Crib Sheet: Out of Prime Time


Okay it’s Crib Sheet time and we need to talk to all of the aspiring wide receivers out there.  Do not talk to Deion Sanders.  The image above presents only a shrivel of evidence to support our position. Yes, he’s flashy.  Yes, he preaches.  Yes, he looks good in a suit.  But nothing really good comes from working with the guy.  Just ask Michael Crabtree.  So consider this a public service announcement and please avoid Deion Sanders.  Here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • The NCAA ruled Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant ineligible for maybe the rest of the season for failure to disclose recent dealing with a former NFL player, Dei0n Sanders.  Doh!  We thought the prima donna wide receivers came from Texas Tech.  We’re thinking after some personal consultation with Tony Dungy or something Dez will be let back on the field to play again.  While Dez is doing that, Deion denies tampering, Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State supports him (needs him back in the lineup), and Dez will meet with the NCAA after his written apology.
  • Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw has been ordered to take an anger management course.  This stems from a domestic fight with his girl friend some time ago.  She has to take the course too.  Will it affect his play on the field?  Tune in to find out.
  • ESPN’s Tim Griffin writes that Texas is getting ready for the Red River Rivalry this weekend by listening to that god awful Boomer Sooner theme song over and over.  That’s either going to help them tune it out or get them so angry and sick that they will take it out on Oklahoma this weekend.  This could work wonders elsewhere.  Possible water boarding replacement?  We think so.
  • A walk on Southern Miss player Peter Wilkes committed suicide over the weekend.  We send our condolences out to his family.  Apparently his dad suffered a heart attack and died over the summer.  Wilkes decided to continue school for his dad but apparently it was too much.
  • A female student was arrested during the Iowa and Arkansas State game for continuously yelling at player Adrian Clayborn.  The student was warned multiple times and even given a restraining order.  Stalking happens at both sides of the gender.  Kinda funny that heckling could get somebody arrested, though.
  • Dan Hawkins finally benched his son, CodyOr did he?  This will be the downfall to Hawkins and will serve as a lesson to all coaches out there.  Don’t let your family mix with your coaching.  Bill Snyder 2.0 knew this and retired to spend time with his family.  He’s back now and you don’t see any of his kids on the field, coaching or playing.
  • While we have another punch during the game in the form of Idaho linebacker Tre’Shawn Robinson and subsequent reprimanding,  we also see a 1 game suspension to New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley for doing it off the field with an assistant coach.  Football is a violent sport but save the punching for MMA.
  • The Big 12 will play seven bowls games during the bowl season after this year.  More importantly the toilet, er, Independence Bowl is off the docket.  We also see the new New York City Bowl show up.  Many a mediocre conference team fans rejoice in the pick of New York over Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • Speaking of the bowls, the Cotton Bowl will move to Jerry Jones mecca that is Cowboys Stadium and the old place will have a new one called the Dallas Football Classic.  It’s nice to see they are still using it but does that put the number of bowls in Texas at about 234?  Hey, the more the merrier.

Mascot Monday: Joe Vandal

Joe Vandal

Back again this week for Mascot Monday and we just got done finishing off our hankering of curly fries and thickburgers from Hardee’s.  The Western Bacon Thickburger is back and the tears of joy from it are still drying off.  So when we were coming up with a mascot for the week, we combing the Western and the curly fries and came up with Idaho.  Joe Vandal is the man in potato land and we’re gonna take a look at what a Vandal is, where this guy came from, and just why he’s the double for a 1970s Al Pacino.  Plus we give tips about growing the greasiest, stringiest mustache out there.

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