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Pick It and Stick It: Massive Goober


Rivarly Week rolls up into Saturday and we want to spend some time giving homage to what could be Mark Mangino’s last football game.  Rumor has it that the kids will lay down Saturday and then be up to play their last game against Kansas next weekend. Mark Mangino has been a huge butt of jokes in recent years because of his orca-fat status.  Now being a former orca-fat guy myself, I can sympathize with him (no I’m not writing a Whitlock article).  Being that big doesn’t excuse you from being a total jerk.  If Mangino was throwing his weight around alot, then it could be very damaging.  Maybe one or two incidents would be overlooked but if it’s been more and more frequent, then the whole body of work will make him more guilty.  It looks as though the evidence against him is bursting at the seams and we’ll see this guy on the unemployment line next week.  See you later, Mark Mangino, it was fun while it lasted and we hope to see you on The Biggest Loser soon.

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Crib Sheet: Big Fat Bully


So yesterday there was a big hoopla about Kansas coach Mark Mangino and his reported abuse of players earlier this year.  What’s the abuse?  From what we’re read so far it’s yelling and poking a player in the chest.  Okay, so if this guy gets canned over just that, then it’s an indictment on the culture that is Kansas athletics.  It’s college football people.  If you don’t do your job, you will be disciplined.  Now if it turns out he did more, then it’s more on Mangino’s wide shoulders and his lack to control his emotions.  Our take?  Kansas is in a losing streak and the fair weather, bandwagon, and easy to over hype their expectations players, player’s parents, and fans have shown their true colors.  What coach will want to come there to lead a football team when the everyone at Kansas University whine and cry like a bunch on babies?  Oh and superstar, Pullitzer prize winning Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock says this happened because Mark Mangino is fat.  Great reporting there, guy.   Here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Now this is what rivalries are all about.  The Idaho athletic director refused to board an airplane because it was painted in Boise State colors.  We love hearing stories like this.  Hopefully they paint a jet or a helicopter in Idaho colors soon.
  • USA Today has an article about the two biggest money making conferences, the SEC and Big 10.  They fill up the media outlets.  The SEC inked a deal with ESPN and they are pumped everywhere.  Meanwhile, the Big 10 has their own flipping channel.  The difference?  The SEC is actually winning games.  We’re tired of both conferences.
  • Speaking of Boise State, they are now selling stock in their program.  Yes, a big time college program needs to generate money by offering shares in their program.  Do you see Texas or Florida doing this?  Nope.  That’s because they actually have a fan base.
  • Tennessee student Corey Zickafoose won’t press chargers against the three Volunteer football players that attempted to rob him last week. That’s pretty hardcore.  Most people are calling him stupid.  We’re not sure where we land on this one.  Second chances are American, but is doing it for the sake of your favorite football a good reason to give one? Oh and Tennessee went ahead and dismissed two of them from the team.
  • Ole Miss chancellor Dan Jones banned their fight song at games because the students typically chant “the South will rise again” at the end.  While the intent is to remove the stigma that the Rebels have regarding racial insensitivity, students chanting that the south will rise again seems a little small compared to other methods he could employ.  Banning the use of the rebel flag (which they have) makes just a little more sense than banning the fight song, especially when it comes to recruiting players.