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Pick It and Stick It: Massive Goober


Rivarly Week rolls up into Saturday and we want to spend some time giving homage to what could be Mark Mangino’s last football game.  Rumor has it that the kids will lay down Saturday and then be up to play their last game against Kansas next weekend. Mark Mangino has been a huge butt of jokes in recent years because of his orca-fat status.  Now being a former orca-fat guy myself, I can sympathize with him (no I’m not writing a Whitlock article).  Being that big doesn’t excuse you from being a total jerk.  If Mangino was throwing his weight around alot, then it could be very damaging.  Maybe one or two incidents would be overlooked but if it’s been more and more frequent, then the whole body of work will make him more guilty.  It looks as though the evidence against him is bursting at the seams and we’ll see this guy on the unemployment line next week.  See you later, Mark Mangino, it was fun while it lasted and we hope to see you on The Biggest Loser soon.

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Pick It Standings Week 09: Candy Hangover


Halloween is over and we’re still feeling the hurt over the load of candy and Joose.  We rocked many parties and kinda wished we were at one that had Kansas State at Oklahoma on.  Oh well.  We are still enjoying the various fun sizes of candy.  Our favorites include Snickers, Butterfinger, and Milky Way.  But enough about candy.  We’re sweet on the Pick It Standings now.  We also have some tasty BCS standings to go over as the polls turned sweeter to some winning teams over some other teams that had some sour victorious.  Get your toothbrush ready, you’ll need it after this.

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