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Bowl Pick It Standings: The Holiday is Over

The holidays are over and we have just 4 games left to go on the Bowl Pick It and Stick It.  We here at the KCCGD all feel about 10 pounds heavier after chugging through the holiday foods and drinks.  So while we go map out a plan to lose the flab, check out the latest updates.  Please note:  there are some games left off from the results that we are saving for the last update.  The final numbers will be a little off.  That said, here’s the update:

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Pick It Standings: Final 2009


Welcome to the final Pick It and Stick It standings for the year of 2009. It’s been a wild year and we learned a couple of things from it. Forgetting a week is killer and next year, we’ll set it up so we can knock off the lowest scoring week. This will help out and maybe even save some things from the holidays or championship week. We also learned a little bit on how to play against the spread. Our recommendation to whoever wins the league (we’ll find out after the break) is to take that winning style to a bookie and spread out some small cash around next year. That is, if you are the gambling type. Speaking of which, we’ll also go over the prize and how we are going to deliver it (or not).
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Pick It Standings Week 7: The BCS Baby is Born


Whoah nelly what a smelly game the Red River Rivalry was. The bigger upset for the Big 12 was Colorado over Kansas over the weekend. Either that or Kansas State’s 62 point thumping of Texas A&M. At any rate, guess what? Those Wildcats happen to be first in the Big 12 North. Coming into the beginning of the year, no one expected Kansas State to be in that position or Oklahoma to have 3 losses hung on them by this time. Just goes to show that in college football, anything can happen.  More importantly this week, we have an expected birth of the first BCS standings.  First, here’s the pick it standings:

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