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Lew’s Helped Me Give Das Boot to Nebraska

Championship Saturday came and went and for the brief time I was there, it was worth it.  My day started out at Lew’s Grill and Bar and ended back up there.   In between was some craziness with a company holiday party complete with a lame cover band as well as a great finish to the Big 12 Championship Game.  All in all, the day was widespread and fantastic, even though college football barspotting was very short.

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Barspotting: Championship Saturday At Lew’s Grill & Bar

Every year we go back to the best bar of the year and this time around it’s Lew’s Grill & Bar.  It’s a solid performer that doesn’t let us down in terms of big game watching.   Sure it’s small for its size, but it packs a punch in terms of factors for a great place to watch sports.  So we’ll try one last time to get Das Boot and watch the SEC Championship Game as well as the Civil War.   What, no Big 12 Championship Game?  Welp, I will be at a company holiday party while it’s going on and for this weekend, an open bar trumps a title game with Nebraska in it.

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Lazy Saturday for Lew’s

Another actual barspot and I’m keeping up on the known favorites with Lew’s Grill and Bar.  I’ve been here a couple of times and have begun to become a regular here.  They’ve upgraded the televisions and also the food.  The day of football was long and fun, so I was glad I got the sweet spot for watching in the bar.  Regarding the action on field, we saw some tight games and some surprising blowouts.  It was a lazy day, but it sure was a weird one too.

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Barspotting: Settling In At Lew’s Grill and Bar

This year has been reunion tour at home and new bars plus stadiums on the road.  So to continue that tradition, this week’s barspot will be at Lew’s Grill and Bar in the Waldo district.  I haven’t built up the courage to double pop collars at The Well yet, so I’m heading back to a comfy place that’s just right with sports watching.  Since the last time we’ve been there, they’ve introduced Das Boot.  Yes, the boot featured in the number one hit smash comedy Beerfest.  So look for a pairing with that bad boy.  There’s also some great game pairings on tap as well.   Get ready to chug the football.

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Pick It Standings Week 7: The BCS Baby is Born


Whoah nelly what a smelly game the Red River Rivalry was. The bigger upset for the Big 12 was Colorado over Kansas over the weekend. Either that or Kansas State’s 62 point thumping of Texas A&M. At any rate, guess what? Those Wildcats happen to be first in the Big 12 North. Coming into the beginning of the year, no one expected Kansas State to be in that position or Oklahoma to have 3 losses hung on them by this time. Just goes to show that in college football, anything can happen.  More importantly this week, we have an expected birth of the first BCS standings.  First, here’s the pick it standings:

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