Lazy Saturday for Lew’s

Another actual barspot and I’m keeping up on the known favorites with Lew’s Grill and Bar.  I’ve been here a couple of times and have begun to become a regular here.  They’ve upgraded the televisions and also the food.  The day of football was long and fun, so I was glad I got the sweet spot for watching in the bar.  Regarding the action on field, we saw some tight games and some surprising blowouts.  It was a lazy day, but it sure was a weird one too.

Walking into Lew’s gave me that familiar feeling, except for the ninja chains they put on the patio.  They like to switch the sides on people to keep them on their toes.  I perched right down at the bar and had the perfect view of all of the large screen televisions.  The wireless internet kept me up to date and the games in the back almost had me distracted.  They have Guitar Hero Arcade, Buck Hunter Safari, Golden Tee, Darts, and MegaTouch.

The service was above average as always.  The lady behind the bar on Saturday afternoons is fairly cute and does a pretty good job of keeping my drinks full.  Later on, the waitress at our table was on top of things the whole night.  I think it’s best service I had there.  The specials for the day included $2.50 Miller Lite Draws and some Slider Dogs for a buck a piece.  I took full advantage of both before rolling on into the pairing for the day.

I had some great debate for the pairing.  I wanted to chug down Das Boot with a big ole tenderloin sandwich, but then I saw they have the new Boulevard Amber Ale on tap.  So I opted for that. The Pork Tenderlew is about the size of your head.   I had to cut it twice just to get it fit on the bun.  The mayo with horsey sauce put the sandwich over the top for me.  The nice smooth taste of the Amber Ale oozed itself across my palette to make the tangy sandwich stand out so much more.   The only thing that was bad out of the deal were the soggy fries.

The early games was all Big 10 as Iowa narrowly defeated upset minded Indiana.  Michigan eked out a shootout with Indiana in 3 overtimes 67-65.  Every other games kind of a blowout, including the Baylor vs Oklahoma State game.  The Bears are back down to earth as the Cowboys look to be the strong favorite in the Big 12 South.  That Justin Blackmon receiver is a man.  He’s even better than former Oklahoma State Cowboy Dez Bryant.

The mid afternoon games had Iowa State hosting Nebraska.  Plus we had the double big time matchup of TCU at Utah and Alabama at LSU.  Of all of the games, I didn’t expect Iowa State and Nebraska to be that close.  A failed overtime 2 point conversion stood between Paul Rhoads and another upset over Nebraska.  The TCU vs Utah mega throw down ended up being a major dud.  TCU should be at least 2 in the BCS standings.  Hey, it’s also great that LSU got the close win over Alabama, keeping my LSU BCS title pick alive.

In the evening the Big 12 took the stage as Kansas State hosted Texas and Missouri went to Texas Tech.  One was a blowout and another was a close let down.  Guess which was which?  Kansas State took advantage of every Texas mistake, capturing 5 interceptions from Garret Gilbert.  All the Wildcats had to do was run the ball.  And boy did they ever.  Collin Klein got the nod at quarterback and rushed for 2 touchdowns, matching running back Daniel Thomas’ total.  Texas just gave up and they are packing it in for the rest of the season.   I’m not sure they will make a bowl this year.

On the other television, we had Missouri heading to Lubbock to take on Texas Tech.  The Tigers looked great in the first half but completely stalled in the second.  For being known as a team that passes alot, they sure did run.  They were getting some great runs off, but somehow the Texas Tech keyed on that and made plays in the secondary.  I hade a gut feeling that the beat down from last week would hurt Missouri.  Tommy Tubberville’s Red Raiders took full advantage of it.  Plus they had some cool camouflaged uniforms for the game.

So the big two schools that I saw Saturday night will lock up this Saturday for second place in the Big 12 North.  The rest of the day’s action was about as opposite as I had expected rolling into Lew’s Grill and Bar.  Lew’s is a great place to watch sports, provided you get there in time to get a good seat.  The next time you are there, get some of the great food and get a boot for me.  I missed out on it this time, but I be back to twist it at end and avoid the air bubble.