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Pick It And Stick It: It’s For The Birds


It’s Friday and it’s late.  I successfully avoided Black Friday and took the brunt of Thanksgiving yesterday.  I took a day off yesterday and am now finally recovered enough to spit out my finger pickin’s flakes of college football destiny.  Thanksgiving was a day for family and this weekend it’s been a family of rivalries.  Heck I’m watching the Civil War at the moment (that’s Oregon vs Oregon State).  We get more rivalries tomorrow and it’s time to give thanks and give picks to see who comes out on top. Continue reading Pick It And Stick It: It’s For The Birds

Thankspotting: Home Away From Home For The Holidays

Last week was rough.  For lots of reasons.  Tailgating as hard as I did last weekend has left some lingering effects.  There’s also a sprinkle of great games from Thursday through Saturday.  So I decided that this week, it will be some major home spectating.  It’s a weird week for me anyway because this is the first Thanksgiving I’ve had away from home.  Hopefully I won’t miss Mom’s stuffing too much.  Let’s check out the games.

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Lew’s Helped Me Give Das Boot to Nebraska

Championship Saturday came and went and for the brief time I was there, it was worth it.  My day started out at Lew’s Grill and Bar and ended back up there.   In between was some craziness with a company holiday party complete with a lame cover band as well as a great finish to the Big 12 Championship Game.  All in all, the day was widespread and fantastic, even though college football barspotting was very short.

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Pick It Standings Week 11: Drawing A Blank

You know, I wanted to talk about something going on in college football, but I just can’t put my finger on it.  It’s on the tipe of my tongue and it’s some other cliched phrase as well.  Oh well, if I remember it, I will talk about it later.   We have some Pick It and Stick It to go over.  The polls had some changes at the top but the BCS didn’t really chamge much.  In the pick league, the top pretty much stayed the same as well.  Let’s look at the standings:

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Mascot Monday: The Leprechaun

It’s a great day for us here at the KCCGD headquarters.  Later today we will wrap up out series on the Big 10 Expansion, and we are taking a look at the last real candidate for expansion we have yet to cover in our mascot playground.  Not only that, but we are out of Big 12 mascots to feature.  So what better way to knock out two birds with one stone, or in this case a fist, with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Leprechaun.  Believe it or not, this green fella was not the original mascot way back when.  Also, the mascot is one of the more unique type of mascots out there.  Smack down some shepherd’s pie and pull back a Guinness, we are about to crazy Irish here.

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Mascot Monday: Truman Rings In Another Season of Mascot Monday

Welp, we did Willie the Wildcat to kick off last year, Big Jay and Baby Jay toward the end of last season, and now we have the last of the big Kansas City area school mascots in Truman the Tiger.  Recently named after a famed president, not Taft, and hailing from the University of Missouri, Truman’s past comes from a long line of feral felines.  Today we’ll find out what makes the furry guy tick and also offer some improvements to his already super sized personna.  So kick back, relax, and come with us on our second year of Mascot Monday with Truman the Tiger.

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Barspotting: The Shiny Plasma at the Brooksider Brings Us Back for the Championships

Brooksider Bar & Grill

Okay, if you remember last week, we loved up on the Chappell’s sports junk but we recommended it if you want to see just one game.  Welp this week we are going back to a place where you can watch multiple games and watch the best one on a big ole 71″ inch plasma television screen.   That’s right, folks, we are going back to the Brooksider.  If you remember in the past, it was the best for big screens and good lookin’ waitresses.  Now we are going there not really to review, but to watch Florida take on Alabama and Texas take on Nebraska.  We’re gonna get a table seat in front of the big screen and park there the whole day.  So come on out and hopefully help us dodge the live music traffic after the Big 12 Championship is over.

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Mascot Monday: Benny Beaver


This week on the good ole Mascot Monday we thought we would take a look out west and hit up Athlon Sports’ Pre Season Top 25 Oregon State Beavers and their mascot Benny Beaver.  Benny’s been through a couple of changes and we here at the KCCGD can get down with that.  But he’s been adding and dropping baggage here and there that makes us wonder just a little bit.  From the first appearance to the creepy little addition today, Benny’s been all over the block.  One thing for sure is, with them big chompers Benny will continue to lay it down on any wood that’s out there.

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Mascot Monday: Big Jay and Baby Jay

Big Jay and Baby Jay

It’s the after 4th of July recovery and we’re inching ever so close to the start of the 2009 college football season.  Since we are getting close and Mascot Monday is reserved for the off season, we are going to profile the mascots of the Big 12 teams favored to win their division, starting with the Kansas Jayhawks very own Big Jay and Baby Jay, with the other Big 12 team coming next month.  A Jayhawk has no known animal classification, but stands for something that happened before the Civil War.  We’ll figure out what they were thinking way back when and lay a couple of eggs on the way.  Get ready, Kansas City, here’s Big Jay and Baby Jay.

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