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Mascot Monday: The Leprechaun

It’s a great day for us here at the KCCGD headquarters.  Later today we will wrap up out series on the Big 10 Expansion, and we are taking a look at the last real candidate for expansion we have yet to cover in our mascot playground.  Not only that, but we are out of Big 12 mascots to feature.  So what better way to knock out two birds with one stone, or in this case a fist, with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Leprechaun.  Believe it or not, this green fella was not the original mascot way back when.  Also, the mascot is one of the more unique type of mascots out there.  Smack down some shepherd’s pie and pull back a Guinness, we are about to crazy Irish here.

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J. Murphy’s Brings Out the Irish in Every One

Western Europe meets the western Kansas City area as we trucked way the heck out to Shawnee to view Saturday’s selections at J. Murphy’s Irish Pub and Grille.  The games lined up for the afternoon seemed like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The traditional fare sprinkled the joint so well we were waiting for a Contra Dance to bust out.  And the food, well the food was all it was cracked up to be, Irish wise.  But there was so much more than really cheesy Irish references (which we will stop as of now) at J. Murphy’s.

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