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Mascot Monday: Benny Beaver


This week on the good ole Mascot Monday we thought we would take a look out west and hit up Athlon Sports’ Pre Season Top 25 Oregon State Beavers and their mascot Benny Beaver.  Benny’s been through a couple of changes and we here at the KCCGD can get down with that.  But he’s been adding and dropping baggage here and there that makes us wonder just a little bit.  From the first appearance to the creepy little addition today, Benny’s been all over the block.  One thing for sure is, with them big chompers Benny will continue to lay it down on any wood that’s out there.

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Mascot Monday: The Cincinnati Bearcat

cincinnati bearcat

Virtually thumbing through the Athlon pre season Top 25 for college football (yes it’s out already), the eyeball rested gently on the the 18th ranked Cincinnati Bearcats.  What was a Bearcat? Why was a team from the Big East in the top 25?  Did Hannah Barbara have something to do with this?  Or maybe it was Al Gore that had a hand in its construction.  Why wasn’t the mascot more prominently shown during events?  Why am I asking you?  Ignoring the lame attempt at a Spaceballs reference, let’s find out all of the answers to the above questions.

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