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Mascot Monday: Marco the Buffalo

Here we go again rolling on through another Mascot Monday.  Oh and we are rolling alright.  Some say we may be thundering.  That’s right, this week we will take a look at Marshall University’s mascot, Marco the Buffalo.  Now I’ve covered live buffalo mascots before (Ralphie anybody?)  but this is the first time we’ll see it represented in costume format.  How does Marco stack up against his live counterpart?  More importantly, does Marco live up to the school’s nickname, The Thundering Herd?  We’ll find out about that as well as how mascot are marketed to kids so let’s rumble on through.

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Mascot Monday: Mr. and Mrs. Wuf with Tuffy

Yes, I know what you are saying, “That was my favorite TV show from the 50s!”  Alas, you are incorrect.  It’s this week’s Mascot Monday!  Big news is right around the corner for the website in general, but before I drop the bomb on y’all I took a little bit of time to doctor up this week’s mascot.  The magic finger poked its away around Wikipedia and it landed on North Carolina State’s Mr. and Mrs. Wuf with the recently introduced Tuffy.  Hold on to your vows, we’ll be learning about married life and live wolves.

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Mascot Monday: The Cincinnati Bearcat

cincinnati bearcat

Virtually thumbing through the Athlon pre season Top 25 for college football (yes it’s out already), the eyeball rested gently on the the 18th ranked Cincinnati Bearcats.  What was a Bearcat? Why was a team from the Big East in the top 25?  Did Hannah Barbara have something to do with this?  Or maybe it was Al Gore that had a hand in its construction.  Why wasn’t the mascot more prominently shown during events?  Why am I asking you?  Ignoring the lame attempt at a Spaceballs reference, let’s find out all of the answers to the above questions.

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Mascot Monday: Rudy Flyer

Rudy Flyer

Hey hey hey! Some mascots practice in the off season to get their moves right.  Some study film tapes hard to make sure they are entertaining to the highest degree.  Then there are some mascots, like the University of Dayton’s Rudy Flyer, who just chill out and surf the web.  Cruising around the internet hitting up social media sites is what he does and when he has to bust a move, he’ll drop it like it’s not.  This week we are cruising on autopilot with Rudy Flyer.  You are now free to move about the blog.

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