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Mascot Monday: Bully

We are ever so close to the start of the college football season and ever so close to the end of this offseason’s edition of Mascot Mondays.  This week, we are at Phil Steele’s number 39 in his preseason Top 50 poll for 2011 and the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  There is, of course, another Bulldog team in the SEC and much like the other team, Mississippi State has both a live and a costumed mascot.  Bully’s the name, and mascotting is both of their games.  I am going to dig deep and find the Bully bone of history buried deep in Mississippi State’s backyard.

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Mascot Monday: Big Blue

This week’s Crib Sheet will not leave you blue, in fact it should leave you pretty happy.  If you get anything out of this week’s mascot, it’s that it may take almost 100 years for a school to get something right.  Utah State’s Big Blue went through many a transformations before landing on the current costumed character we see bouncing down the sidelines today.  We’ll learn about how to treat a live animal, and your personal property, along the way.  So cheer up, folks, Big Blue’s coming and he’s coming to turn your blues into a warm, happy yellow.

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Mascot Monday: Mr. and Mrs. Wuf with Tuffy

Yes, I know what you are saying, “That was my favorite TV show from the 50s!”  Alas, you are incorrect.  It’s this week’s Mascot Monday!  Big news is right around the corner for the website in general, but before I drop the bomb on y’all I took a little bit of time to doctor up this week’s mascot.  The magic finger poked its away around Wikipedia and it landed on North Carolina State’s Mr. and Mrs. Wuf with the recently introduced Tuffy.  Hold on to your vows, we’ll be learning about married life and live wolves.

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