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Mascot Monday: Peter the Anteater

Peter the Anteater

Flipping through the Sunday paper, I couldn’t help notice how light it seemed.  Not just the whole paper, but specifically the comics section.  I remember back in the day there were at least 8 full pages of colorized comics to pour through.  Being a kid at the time was great.  Nowadays it may be four and many of the classics moved aside to make room for the ‘parents with a newborn’ comic copycats.  What does this have to do with mascots?  When researching some candidates,  I discovered that this week’s inductee just happens to be inspired by a classic comic strip.  After reading some more on Peter the Anteater, I knew we had to tell this mascot’s 3 paned story.

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Mascot Monday: Rudy Flyer

Rudy Flyer

Hey hey hey! Some mascots practice in the off season to get their moves right.  Some study film tapes hard to make sure they are entertaining to the highest degree.  Then there are some mascots, like the University of Dayton’s Rudy Flyer, who just chill out and surf the web.  Cruising around the internet hitting up social media sites is what he does and when he has to bust a move, he’ll drop it like it’s not.  This week we are cruising on autopilot with Rudy Flyer.  You are now free to move about the blog.

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