Pick It and Stick It: Sticking With The Crowd

It’s the hustle and bustle of college football.  At the beginning of the year, everyone is tied 0-0.  Slowly and weekly, the winners bubble up and the losers peter out.  We’re getting into week 3 and it’s still crowded.  We haven’t yet hit the real bubbling point.  Apparently it’s Road Test Weekend so we’ll more than likely get the cauldron cooking real quick.  Speaking of being crowded, I’m planning and surfing the flesh at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Granted I have Sunday tickets so it won’t be too bad, but Saturday’s at Third Base Sports Bar.  Let’s hope people don’t bubble up vomit and I don’t peter out.

Versus Underdog Spread Status (CDT)
(4)Boise St. vs @Toledo 20.0 Fri 09/16 07:00pm
@Connecticut vs Iowa St. 4.5 Fri 09/16 07:00pm
@Clemson vs Auburn 3.5 Sat 09/17 11:00am
@Maryland vs (19)West Virginia 1.5 Sat 09/17 11:00am
(23)Penn St. vs @Temple 7.5 Sat 09/17 11:00am
@Iowa vs Pittsburgh 3.0 Sat 09/17 11:00am
Mississippi vs @Vanderbilt 1.5 Sat 09/17 11:20am
@Georgia Tech vs Kansas 15.0 Sat 09/17 11:30am
@(25)TCU vs LA Monroe 29.0 Sat 09/17 01:00pm
@North Carolina vs Virginia 10.0 Sat 09/17 02:30pm
@(10)Nebraska vs Washington 16.5 Sat 09/17 02:30pm
@Minnesota vs Miami (OH) 4.5 Sat 09/17 02:30pm
(8)Wisconsin vs @Northern Illinois 17.0 Sat 09/17 02:30pm
@(13)Oregon vs Missouri St. Off (0) Sat 09/17 02:30pm
(24)Texas vs @UCLA 3.5 Sat 09/17 02:30pm
@(18)Florida vs Tennessee 9.5 Sat 09/17 02:30pm
Texas Tech vs @New Mexico 21.0 Sat 09/17 02:30pm
@Notre Dame vs (17)Michigan St. 5.0 Sat 09/17 02:30pm
@(11)Virginia Tech vs Arkansas St. 24.0 Sat 09/17 03:00pm
@(12)South Carolina vs Navy 17.0 Sat 09/17 05:00pm
@Kansas St. vs Kent St. 17.5 Sat 09/17 06:00pm
@(21)Missouri vs Western Ill. Off (0) Sat 09/17 06:00pm
@Illinois vs Arizona St. 1.0 Sat 09/17 06:00pm
@Kentucky vs Louisville 6.0 Sat 09/17 06:00pm
@(20)Baylor vs Stephen F. Austin Off (0) Sat 09/17 06:00pm
@(7)Texas A&M vs Idaho 35.5 Sat 09/17 06:00pm
@(22)South Florida vs Florida A&M Off (0) Sat 09/17 06:00pm
@Miami (FL) vs (15)Ohio St. 2.5 Sat 09/17 06:30pm
@(3)Alabama vs North Texas 45.5 Sat 09/17 06:30pm
@(14)Arkansas vs Troy 23.0 Sat 09/17 06:30pm
(1)Oklahoma vs @(5)Florida St. 3.0 Sat 09/17 07:00pm
@BYU vs Utah 4.0 Sat 09/17 08:15pm
(9)Oklahoma St. vs @Tulsa 13.5 Sat 09/17 09:00pm
(6)Stanford vs @Arizona 10.0 Sat 09/17 09:45pm

Last week there were a handful of games that looked exciting while there was nothing going on for a backup.  It’s kind of the same way this week.  The big matchup sees Oklahoma heading to Florida State.  That game is a 3 point spread, amazingly in the Sooners favor.  That will be a tasty one.  But we’re here to talk about picks!  So the big spreads see Texas A&M of all schools looking rail those spuds from Idaho.  But let’s not forget Alabama’s expected battle against North Texas.  We already talked about a close one, but some of the others see Illinois against Arizona State in a toss up.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a closer spread.  Big 12 wise, I’m stoked for Kansas State’s battle at Kent State.  It will be close. Texas and UCLA hook up again and I’m not sold on the Longhorns wide spread.  Finally, Kansas tries to strike gold twice against Georgia Tech.  I think they can do it.