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Purple Yeti Roar 52: This Year Has Not Been Faked


Yup, I’ll talk Manti T’eo here in a second, but it’s a whole new year of the Purple Yeti!  Yeah it’s been good, but it hasn’t been for Manti or more recently Collin Klein.  Look for me talking about that as well as Kansas, Ben Heeney, Kansas State, Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, NFL, Penn State, Al Pacino, Joe Paterno, Charlie Weiss, Oregon, Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles, ESPN, Sporting News, Yahoo Sports, Gawker, and Deadspin Continue reading Purple Yeti Roar 52: This Year Has Not Been Faked

Mascot Monday: Joe Vandal

Joe Vandal

Back again this week for Mascot Monday and we just got done finishing off our hankering of curly fries and thickburgers from Hardee’s.  The Western Bacon Thickburger is back and the tears of joy from it are still drying off.  So when we were coming up with a mascot for the week, we combing the Western and the curly fries and came up with Idaho.  Joe Vandal is the man in potato land and we’re gonna take a look at what a Vandal is, where this guy came from, and just why he’s the double for a 1970s Al Pacino.  Plus we give tips about growing the greasiest, stringiest mustache out there.

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