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Purple Yeti Roar 52: This Year Has Not Been Faked


Yup, I’ll talk Manti T’eo here in a second, but it’s a whole new year of the Purple Yeti!  Yeah it’s been good, but it hasn’t been for Manti or more recently Collin Klein.  Look for me talking about that as well as Kansas, Ben Heeney, Kansas State, Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, NFL, Penn State, Al Pacino, Joe Paterno, Charlie Weiss, Oregon, Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles, ESPN, Sporting News, Yahoo Sports, Gawker, and Deadspin Continue reading Purple Yeti Roar 52: This Year Has Not Been Faked

Crib Sheet: Signing Hype Day

It’s national signing day!  Okay, so it’s not that exciting, but we have some Big 12 updates flying in and I don’t want to take away from the exciting coverage.  Usually half the kids that are worth something don’t pan out anyway.   It’s a good thing that ESPN covers this overhyped event in the only way that ESPN can over hype.  Now on to the Crib Sheet:

Crib Sheet: At the Dotted Line Please

Signing Day is upon us! Today is the day of the year when high school kids across the country pick their football mates and spurn others.   The ritual goes on for years, sometimes, and the final chapter only begets a new book in life.  So congratulations to all the kids across the USA who not only get to play big time football, but also get a big time scholarship.  Maybe they can become meterologist or study something failry easy like communications.  Here’s our communications thesis, the Crib Sheet:

  • A new award for the most versatile college football player was announced last week.  It’s the Paul Hornung Award, named after the former all around guy and Notre Damer.  We doubt any lineman will be getting this one.
  • Due to the open records act for state of Texas and Texas Tech University, we now find that Craig James threatened to sue Texas Tech if Mike Leach’s actions taken for his son Adam were not investigated.  So now it is confirmed that Craig James was trying to pull some weight around there.  On the other hand, it is his kid and he was worried about his kids health.  Any father would want to protect his kid from injury.  The problem here is the action taken was just sending him away from the team.  Nothing physical.  Nothing really mentally debilitating.   Fathers take note:  don’t be a douche like Craig James.
  • We now know that Turner Gill will be making about $2 million per year from his contract, gathered from the release of they detail of his contract.  He’ll have a tall order to rebuild (already) a busted up Kansas team.  Hey, if he can do it he deserves and then some.
  • Speaking of Kansas, the Gridiron Club plans appear to be dead in the water.  The initial project fulfills the need to stack some rich people high up in new luxury suites and toss free food and drink down their throat.  Too bad the team tanked this year, as if they had actually been competitive, they might have had a shot of following through on this thing.
  • In what looks like to be a ploy to somehow win back some people, the Justice Department responded back to Senator Orrin Hatch’s request to investigate the legality of the BCS system in college football.  The Obama administration wrote in a memo detailing options on what it could do to help resolve the issue if it so inclined to get involved.  We’re not sure if the administration is placating Hatch or not, but one thing is for sure, if they spend too much time on this issue it will backfire for them.
  • The much ballyhooed Senior Bowl came and went.  Nothing happened.  Okay, well, Tim Tebow played really bad and we’ll see him running the ball or holding the clipboard next year in the NFL.  LeGarrette Blount ran for a touchdown so his draft stock went up.   Outside of that, just another football game.  Hey, at least those kids were trying versus the big boys in the Pro Bowl.
  • The recruiting trail is heating up and there’s one big commitment that new Kansas coach Turner Gill just landed.  Brandon Bourbon was going to go to Stanford, but Gill influenced the four star recruit to become a Jayhawk.  This was much needed for Gill as he lost a couple of four star guys when Mark Mangino got fired.  We wonder what type of whiskey Brandon drinks.
  • ESPN blogger Tim Griffith points to an article breaking down hometowns of the nation’s football recruits.  While he finds most of the kids that play in the Big 12 come from Texas, the more surprising stat is that Kansas City is number 3.  Way to go, local kids, now stay in the local area schools.

Crib Sheet: Senior Toilet Bowl

The Senior Bowl is coming this week and the NFL Network has LIVE coverage…..of the practices.   Okay, so up to the minute updates on who practiced well and who practiced crappy is fine, but non stop coverage of weigh-ins and such?  You gotta be kidding me.  I guess we live in a day and age where picking through a player’s stool and reporting on what he had for lunch is considered news.  Plus we have enough cameras out there to film it.   Please, just read the Crib Sheet:

  • Looks like Mike Leach’s lawsuit against Texas Tech will move forward, according the to judge in the case.  Leach’s camp wanted a fast track but didn’t get it.  We said it before and we’ll say it again, it may be a couple of years before this one is over.  Meanwhile, a local news channel, through the use of a public records act, unc0vered no written complaints of Leach and players.  Until then, here comes a mediator!
  • The East beat the West last week.  No, it was another exciting game of Axis and Allies, but it was the East-West Shrine Game!  Northwestern quarterback Mike Kafka tossed a late touchdown to help the East win.  Alrighty, then.
  • Boise State is celebrating another undefeated season and complaining that they don’t have a shot for the top BCS honors.  Never mind the fact that they turned down a 2-1 proposal from Nebraska on their scheduling.  If you remember, earlier this year, Boise State complained that they could never schedule big time opponents including Nebraska.  So now this time around they turn away from an invite from the Huskers?  That’s small-time mentality there.
  • On the flip site, Non-BCS conferences received  a record amount of bowl money this year, mainly due to the Fiesta Bowl match up in TCU and Boise State.  They are still way behind their BCS counterparts, but the baby steps are moving forward.
  • Tim Tebow’s planning on doing a pro-life commercial during the Super Bowl and, naturally, some women’s groups are urging CBS not to air.  It is a very political issue but we’re thinking since organization backing Tebow’s appearance paid for the spot, CBS could use more green than urging to bump the commercial.