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Purple Yeti Roar 52: This Year Has Not Been Faked


Yup, I’ll talk Manti T’eo here in a second, but it’s a whole new year of the Purple Yeti!  Yeah it’s been good, but it hasn’t been for Manti or more recently Collin Klein.  Look for me talking about that as well as Kansas, Ben Heeney, Kansas State, Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, NFL, Penn State, Al Pacino, Joe Paterno, Charlie Weiss, Oregon, Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles, ESPN, Sporting News, Yahoo Sports, Gawker, and Deadspin Continue reading Purple Yeti Roar 52: This Year Has Not Been Faked

Mascot Monday: Scrappy

What a long crazy week (and month) its been.  It’s been so much fun that I haven’t had the opportunity to blast out another sweet tasting Mascot Monday.  Welp, have no fear, I am back now ready to rock in full swing with another entrant into out mascot menagerie.  Oh what?  You want to know why I’ve been all weird and stuff?  Welp, my only clue I’ll give you now is within this week’s mascot, Scrappy.  North Texas is more than just Mean Green and Scrappy here is out to prove it.  Can a mascot survive a school nickname that’s different and still be relavant?

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Mascot Monday: Swoop


March madness is fully underway and this week again we check out a school that has some aspirations this year in the tourney.  We also have the added benefit the mascot and school being more topical because of the news they created in college football for that last couple of months.  That’s right, this week we are all about the University of Utah’s Swoop!  There’s not much to chew on history wise, so we’ll write some up as we look at this fresh young entry into mascot-dom and maybe learn a little something about being big time.

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