Bowl Pick It and Stick It 2011: A Day Late But Not A Dollar Short

Yup, I waited another day because the BCS Championship game was the last one on the docket for the Stick It series and it didn’t make sense to hype it up any more than it has been.  Plus, I was recovering from drowning my sorrows brought upon me by Kansas State’s loss in the Cotton Bowl.  So let’s wrap up this year’s Bowl Pick It and Stick It in style:  by not talking about the title game.  More on that in a second but first let us go over the final standings:

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1 Klein vs. Ditka-Who would win? 26 of 35 534 534
2 Wharf Rats 21 of 35 459 459
3 Wolfpack 23 of 35 442 442
4 Purple Yeti 21 of 35 408 408
5 ksu 23 of 35 394 394
6 Wildbeebz 21 of 35 346 346

Klein vs Ditka-Who would win? ran away with the title.  There’s no disputing that.   Not only did he blow the door off the points, but he also had the correct number of picks.  So that pretty much settled that.  As for everybody else, well, it was a good shot but not good enough.  Kinda like how Kansas State did in the Cotton Bowl.  I, on the other hand, didn’t do so hot but at least I didn’t end up in last place.

So you probably caught wind that Kansas State lost the Cotton Bowl.  Arkansas was just in another league from Kansas State.  Sure, the SEC.   I’m over it now because I know that Kansas State had a fantastic year.  They were picked to be near last in the Big 12 but they ended up 2nd in the league and #8 in the BCS.  I know that there were other games going on after the Cotton Bowl but that was the season ender for me.  It’s been a great year, I’m glad you could join me on the ride.