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Bowl Pick It and Stick It Standings: New Year’s Resolutions and Bowl Settings

It’s the last week of college football and we’ve had enough drama to fill up the entire bowl season. Happy 2011 to everyone out there and I hope you survived any New Year’s Party you decided to attend. New Year’s day saw my annual tradition of going over to Jolly’s parents house and planting myself in one spot for 12 hours of college football. It was a good day for me as the overrated Big 10 went 0-5 that day and the Big 12 went 2-0. That and the left over ham from the New Year’s Party served us well in between meats, cheeses, and crackers. Beefy indeed. Here’s this week’s standings going into the last week:

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Mascot Monday: D’Artagnan and Blue Blob

This week we are going to look at the very opposite sides of mascotdom, all from one school.  We like to point out either how fierce a mascot can look versus how cartoony a mascot can look.  Both have its plusses and both have its minuses.  But what if you’re a school that wants to cover all of the bases when it comes to mascots?  Well, you do what Xavier did and have a mascot to fill each role.  Let’s take a trip down to Cincinnati, Ohio and check out Xavier’s  D’Artagnan and the Blue Blob.

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Mascot Monday: The Oregon Duck

This week’s Mascot Monday takes us back to Oregon.  Last year we did Benny the Beaver, now we’re doing his compatriarte in The Oregon Duck.  A much more successful compatriarte as well.  While Oregon did its best in its first Rose Bowl appearance since 1995 this year, The Oregon Duck kept his tradition alive and kicking.  We’ll learn the strange past of Oregon University as well as the even stranger links to Walt Disney.  Plus, we’ll critique the tyke like we do with every furry costumed or live mascot.  So come with us on a magical journey through an Oregonian wonderland.  Qaucktastic!

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