Bowl Pick It and Stick It 2011: A Happily Bloated New Year’s

It’s weird getting ready to sit down and watch college football on January 2nd versus watching it on New Year’s Day.  Usually, I would stumble over late to a friend’s house to kick off the new year by watching football, gloming myself with food, getting drunk, playing some board games, and being as lazy as humanly possible.  This year, it’s watching everything online, eating some food, and not making a singular play on a game of boards.  The good thing is that I can adjust.  Unfortunately, the adjustments don’t look so hot for my Bowl Pick It and Stick It Standings.  Let’s take a look:

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1 Wolfpack 17 of 23 347 552
2 Klein vs. Ditka-Who would win? 17 of 23 337 583
3 Wharf Rats 13 of 23 310 518
4 ksu 16 of 23 187 541
5 Purple Yeti 13 of 23 181 535
6 Wildbeebz 15 of 23 179 533

Wolfpack took the lead from Klein vs Ditka-Who would win?  The great thing is the last few games will determine real quick who the winner is.  There’s still some big confidence points floating out there.   I’m not sure how the middle of the pack will fare between the two leaders.  What I do know is that it will be real hard for me to not bring up the rear this year.  It’s partly because of missed games but it’s more of the missed pick running toward the end.  That’s what I get for not adjusting my confidence points.

While I was coming back from Kansas City to Austin and getting used to the swing of things again, the Big 12 had a couple of games.  I was about 100% correct so far on those picks.  Iowa State carried the Big 12 curse into the Pinstripe Bowl and last big to Rutgers.  Missouri, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Baylor all won their games.  At least the newly anointed SEC luddites in Missouri and Texas A&M helped out the Big 12 one last time.  The best game of the bunch was definitely Baylor shooting out Washington.  Both teams scored more points than Baylor’s basketball team that night.  And Baylor won both games.

The Big 12 has two games left this week.  First off, we get the Fiesta Bowl tonight where Oklahoma State will take on Stanford.  That one should be a great shootout as well.  Later on this Friday, it’s Kansas State taking on Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl.  I still don’t know what to feel about this one and will spit it out later on this week.   So in the meantime, lean back and enjoy the last truly great day of football for about 7 months.