Crib Sheet: The End Is Nigh

Yup, we have a handful of games to go for this bowl season.  It’s been a pretty great run so far.  The weekend saw some great finishes and exciting shootouts.  I’m going to miss college football much like everyone else out there after the last whistle blows.  Until that whistle tweets its last tweet, we got a few more Crib Sheets to pass around as well.  The news wasn’t too quiet as we get to see more coaching changes and draft declarations now.  So let’s get right down to it:

  • Miami is going to pay back about $83,000 in donations received by Nevin Shapiro.  I’m pretty sure this guy gave more and it’s only a matter of time before we see even more money given back.  It’s still not going to save much face for the university.  It will take a couple of years, maybe longer, for this to blow over.
  • The SkyCam fell to the ground during the Insight Bowl.  I think this is the first time I’ve heard of an accident like this happening.  It’s a good thing that no one got hurt.
  • The ‘Occupy’ movement decided to crash the Rose Bowl parade.  You know, because they have nothing better to do.  Maybe they can be helpful and clean up after the parade or something.
  • Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon had an amazing Fiesta Bowl and pretty much declared for the NFL Draft right after the game.  There’s been rumblings of him doing some naughty NCAA things so it’s high time he cashes in his talent.
  • For anyone who was wondering, the Cotton Bowl will be on the Friday after New Year’s in prime time.  It’s working well and we should see the Cotton Bowl turn into a BCS Bowl real quick.
  • During the Fiesta Bowl, Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott mentioned to reporters that he’d like to see a Stanford vs. Notre Dame game in China.  Now that’s forward thinking.  There should be some bowls overseas too.  Let’s go crazy with this.  The more college football fans the merrier.
  • New Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is already getting with technology today and banning it.  Yup, no Twitter for Buckeyes.  It’s been banned.  That’s not going to help things out at all.  The better thing is to teach the players how to talk to the media or the outside world.  Now that would be way more helpful.
  • Kansas head coach Charlie Weiss got another former Notre Dame buddy under his staff by the name of Rob Ianello.  Ianello just got canned by Akron so it beats sitting at home doing nothing.
  • Oregon player Mark Asper gave the Heimlich maneuver on a choking restaurateur while chowing down on some Rose Bowl dinner with the teams.  Good for him.  Not only for the great meal he got for free, but for also saving a life.
  • Texas Tech’s defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow left the program after one season.  I’m not sure if he was forced out or he just up and left.  The Red Raiders missed a bowl for the first time in forever so they had to make some changes.