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Bowl Pick It Standings: Quick Hit Edition

It was Bowl Season kick off over the weekend but it was hard to tell from all of the NFL action going on.  That’s okay as we already are kicking up points for the Bowl Pick It and Stick series.  We only have 3 games on the dockett so we’ll make this one short.  Look for actual team picks on succeeding Mondays but for now, here’s where everyone stands.  I Miss Manhattan has the confidence behind him and the lead at 12.  Everyone else is within striking distance of each other.   Some people forgot picks but if you were gonna do it, last weekend was the time to do so.  We have a long ways to go and we’re just getting started.  Here’s the standings:

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1 I Miss Manhattan 1 of 3 12 12
2 I Am The Man 1 of 3 3 3
3 U wish u were as good as ME 1 of 3 2 2
3 Purple Yeti 1 of 3 2 2
5 Where’s KU? They were 5-0 1 of 3 1 1
5 Picky McPikertons 1 of 3 1 1
7 Giggety 0 of 3 0 0
7 Krizzou 0 of 3 0 0

Bowl Pick It and Stick It 2009: Chucking Gutter Bowls


Here we go!  Bowl season starts tomorrow and we got your Bowl Pick It and Stick It ready to go!  It’s the somewhat the same format as the regular season.  For each of the 34 bowl games, you will need to assign confidence points.  So for whoever you think will win the strongest, should get the highest confidence points and vice versa for the weakest.  What’s different is the you need to pick the winner straight up.   There is no spread points to play off of for the bowls.  So head on over to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and sign up!  We’ll go over the bowls after break but first, here’s the info:

Group Site:
Group ID
: 18316
: homer

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Breaking Away From Barspotting


What, you say?  No barspot this week?  That is correct.  As much as we’d like to go out and watch Army vs.  Navy, we think we deserve a little break from going out to bars and watching football.  It sounds crazy, but it could be alot of work.  So in the interest of being brief, check back regularly as we go over the bowl schedule and knock out some bowlspots here and there.  Also, we’ll have some year end reviews and probably something really nice for you kids for the BCS National Championship.

BCS Goes Bowling, Finally!


We here at the KCCGD decided to split off the BCS Standings from the Pick It and Stick because of how important the BCS announcements were over the weekend.  We’ll go in depth into some of the games and the final standings.  Later on either this week or next, we’ll take a look at the bowls and maybe a specific Big 12 bowl post.  Right now, it’s BCS time.  As eveyone should know by now, the BCS Championhip game will be held in Pasadena, California at the Rose Bowl and it will be between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorns.  It’s not without controversy, however.  First, here are the final standings:

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Crib Sheet: Going Prime Time

prime time

Hey guess what?  The Crib Sheet is BACK for the regular season.  We enjoyed digging up some tasty news nuggest during the offseason so much that we are going to roll it into the regular season rotation.  That’s great news alone.  So for those of you not familiar with the format, let us explain what the Crib Sheet is all about:  We scour the interwebs for stories not hears too well and stories that are local to the Kansas City area, adding our unique twist on it.  So rejoice in its return and enjoy this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Indiana is cashing in big time by giving up a home game in 2010 and playing Penn State at FedEx Field, home of the NFL Washington Redskins.  It looks like this trend is here to stay with college teams playing in pro football (and baseball) stadiums.  I guess it will work out for schools that get major payouts, $3 million for Indiana, but it still sucks that hometown fans have to travel or miss out on games.
  • Tennessee running back Bryce Brown is cleared of any NCAA violations for questions in his recruiting process.  Now he can focus on becoming yet another highly touted athlete with a dark, questionable past.  Sometimes the news just writes itself.
  • John Malkovic: Actor chimes in on the upcoming college football season.  He doesn’t say anything too outrageous and we’re glad to see that hoity toity actors can enjoy the grid iron as well.  We’re not so sure, however, how coaches turned actors will fare.  Yikes!
  • So, everything is big in the new Cowboys stadium.  Check.  Tons of college football teams are playing there as well.  Check.  The Oklahoma vs BYU game is sold out.  Check.  $25 for outside concourse access only.  WHAT?  We get that the mega stadium will draw mega bucks, but when you’re not even in the dang stadium, you shouldn’t have to drop that chunk of change just to be there.
  • Mike Gundy’s blackout to prepare for Georgia led to an arrest for one player and another leaving the team.  Doh!  It looks as though locking things down loosened up the team a bit.  Will they get it together before their big opener?  Tune in this weekend.
  • St. Paul, a division II school, canceled its season opener because they don’t have helmets or pads.  WHAT?  It’s not that they couldn’t afford it, but the numnuts who ordered waited a little bit too late.  They should put that guy in a tackling dummy and let the team try out the new gear on him.
  • Blaine Gabbert locked up the starting job at Missouri.  Now the fight for number 2 just got easier.  The other Blaine, Blaine Dalton, was booted off the team for a DUI arrest.  That’s alright, though, as it sounds like the Tiger’s focus this year may be more running intensive.
  • The Alamo Bowl replaced the Big 10 opponent in favor of a Pac 10 number 2. That should heat up the competition for the Big 12 and give more legitimacy as big time conferences for both parties involved.
  • Apparently Jim Harbaugh, with help from a booster, now has a $50-$70k toilet to do his business in at Stanford.  So I guess when their season goes into the crapper, at least it will be comfortable and plush.
  • Bill Snyder 2.0 named Carson Coffman as his starter going into the opener for the Kansas State Wildcats.  Competition is a good thing, but he’s being consistent on this one.  If anything, Snyder 2.0 is known to switch things up and play people in rotations.  Grant Gregory, you still have a shot.
  • Rich Rodriguez is taking it from all sides these days.  We find out that current and former players are complaining about working too many hours for the football team, even though everyone does it and they he has an ally in Ohio State Buckeye players.   An investigation is coming to get to the bottom of a rule no one follows.  Now we hear him getting sued in a failed deal for land development in Virginia.  Notice that the piece came from the Ann Arbor news website.  Seriously, wait until half the season is over when they are looking to finish the same way they did last year.  By then RichRod won’t be able to fight back the tears.

The Crib Sheet: Tilting the Joystick


The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, is this week and we here at the KCCGD have always enjoyed getting our game on.  News wise there wasn’t anything too exciting in terms of college sports going on down there.  Wii Sports Resort looks pretty good and the UFC game coming out also looks pretty tight.  We waggle our joystick to the great EA College Football game and there’s a soft spot in the heart for USC because of the National title run we had way back in 2004.  Now let’s waggle our joystick for college football news:

  • ESPN College Football Analyst Lee Corso recovered from a minor stroke due to small blocakge in the artery.  He issued a press release filled with many of his coaching quips.  My guess is all of the mascot heads he put on in his career let to the stroke.
  • Colorado lost a big time receiver Josh Smith to the lure of big time hip hop.  It seems everyone wants to be a star and apparently the shine is on music instead of football.  Let’s face it, he was playing at Colorado.  No offense there.
  • The rivalry for Mizzou against Illinois will stop in 2010.  Apparently Illinois doesn’t like the neutral site aspect of the series.  Either that, or they’ve been getting walloped in the series.  It’s not good news for Mizzou because that game was a rivalry they could actually win.
  • To help with the economy, Kansas will have split season tickets available this year.  This is something the Kansas City Chiefs started doing a couple of years ago and look how it turned out for them.  Uh Oh.
  • Big time Missouri recruit Sheldon Richardson will be heading to a Juco this year due to really bad grades.  Seeing as everyone either graduated or jumped to the draft, the Tigers will be weak this year.  It might be a good time to sit out a year and beef up for next year.
  • A small change in the BCS that goes into effect after the 2010 season means that if either a Pac 10 team or Big 10 team gets to the BCS National Championship Game, they have to give a Rose Bowl slot to a Mid Major Conference.  This is a peace offering for the yelping we’ve been hearing about the BCS and mid majors recently.  Whether or not it’s a big deal, we’ll find out.  At this point it’s fine because the both conferences don’t have a conference championship.

BCS Title Game Makes Me Race To JJ’s Other Place

BCS Title Logo

To quote Keith Jackson, “WHOA NELLY!”  What a game Monday night!  Apparently a month of planning from Coach Tressel can help the Ohio State Buckeyes make a game against the Texas Longhorns.  The McCoy/Crosby connection toward the end of the game reminded me of the Harrell/Crabtree connection made from Texas Tech earlier this year.  The Longhorns eeked out of the Fiesta Bowl with a win and the Ohio State Buckeyes go home a BCS bust (again).

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Bowl Pick It Standings: Two Minute Warning and the Marching Band is on the Field

We’re running into the last stretch of big games and we are getting ready for the final 3 games of the college football season.  The last week brought us some upsets, some blowouts, some intrigue, and some fatter bellies and stinkier rooms.  Bowl season so far has proved to be, well, anticlimactic but we’re geared up for Florida vs Oklahoma.  The other two games landed on nonplussed for our feelings.

The vaunted, Charlie Weiss led, Notre Dame fighting Irish played hard for their coached and blew the heat off of him by blowing out Hawaii in the, you guessed it, the Hawaii Bowl.  The Pac-10 quieted all detractors by going undefeated in their bowls year, topping it off with a USC blowout of the somewhat Paterno led Penn State Nittany Lions.  Speaking of the Big 10, they are 1-5 in bowls this year with one game left to go.  The Purple Yeti loved the finish to the Kentucky and East Carolina game when Kentucky’s defensive lineman Ventrell Jenkins stiffed armed East Carolina’s Partrick Pinkey after picking him off and tumbled into the endzone for the winning score 25-19.

But that’s not all that happened.  The Big 12 so far has a decent showing going with Missouri kicking it off and barely chugging by Northwestern.  The Tigers should’ve lost the game but the found a way to come out on top.  I was in the gym when Oklahoma State was up 17-7 over Oregon at half and dang near dropped my jaw to the floow when I saw the final score later, Oregon 42, Oklahoma State 31.  KU handled Minnesota rather easily, which worked out well for the evening as Wii Sports were to be had.  The best game of New Year’s Day happened to be the Gator Bowl where Nebraska came from behind to beat the Clemson Tigers.  Too bad Texas Tech couldn’t make a case for being in the title chase when Ole Miss handed them an Ole Whuppin 47-34 in the Cotton Bowl.

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Bowl Pick It Standings: Post Holiday Belly Burst

With the Christmas portion of the holidays over, it’s now time to gear up for the Bowls.  It’s a weird time of year.  The bowls have started but it still feels pretty empty from the downtime between the end of the regular season and now.  There’s been 11 games already but it feels like no one’s really played.  That will change tomorrow night, however, but more on that in a second.  First, here is the Bowl Pick ‘Em update:

Rank Pick Set Points Correct Picks
1 i choo choo choose you 108 6 of 11
2 Crazy Train 102 5 of 11
3 Bowies In Space 95 6 of 11
4 Hokey 92 8 of 11
5 Sasquatch Willy 91 5 of 11
6 Wharf Rats 83 5 of 11
7 B-Nutz 78 4 of 11
7 M I Z – Z O U 78 7 of 11
9 I Win! 46 4 of 11
10 I Heart Bill Snyder’s Perineum 37 2 of 11
10 Pat’s PIcks 37 5 of 11
12 Snyder for President 31 3 of 11
13 Goobersinmynose 28 4 of 11
14 keltron3000 17 4 of 11
15 Sometding else to kill time 15 3 of 11
16 Hit it and Quit it 0 0 of 11

The confidence points skews the actual picks as Hokey (the Yeti’s other alter ego) and MIZ-ZOU are 1 and 2 with the total number of correct picks.  Since the confidence ranking kicking in, i choo choo choose you is number one with a Simpsons bullet.  We’re getting into the meat of the Bowl schedule this week so look for some major movement coming from the top and bottom of the standings.

The Yeti is still recovering from the month long pig out fest from the holidays, but will unloosen the belt and mosey on down to JJ’s Other Place to watch Missouri take on Northwestern.  It’s a curtain call for Chase Daniels and we’re hoping that the Tigers can kick off the Big 12’s bowl season with a victory.  I’m not too up to date on the Northwestern Wildcats, but they are from the Big 10 so that’s all this Yeti needs to know.  Go Tigers!

Bowl Pick It Standings Part One: Oh Yeah, Updates!

The Yeti is still on a little holiday but we figured it’s time to drop in and give an update real quick on the Bowl Pick ‘Em league. Now we just got done watching TCU barely hold on against Boise State in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (that is an egregiously large title), but the standings below don’t reflect that.  What can we say?  We’ve been busy last minute shopping.  Here’s the pick set update:

Rank Pick Set Points Correct Picks
1 Crazy Train 51 2 of 5
2 i choo choo choose you 49 2 of 5
3 Sasquatch Willy 43 2 of 5
3 M I Z – Z O U 43 4 of 5
5 I Heart Bill Snyder’s Perineum 37 2 of 5
6 Wharf Rats 35 2 of 5
7 Ron Prince Albert Got Canned 31 2 of 5
8 Bowies In Space 25 2 of 5
9 I Win! 10 1 of 5
9 keltron3000 10 3 of 5
11 Goobersinmynose 5 1 of 5
11 Something else to kill time 5 2 of 5
13 Pat’s PIcks 4 2 of 5
14 Snyder for President 0 0 of 5
14 Hit it and Quit it 0 0 of 5
14 B-Nutz 0 0 of 5

On a side note, we have been busy updating the site. We are now up to WordPress version 2.7 and am enjoying the latest in swanky technology. Look for some more updates coming soon. Plus, there are some thoughts about what to do after the season is over and we’ll flesh those out after the title game. That said, look for a K-State year in review from the Yeti and perhaps some build up to the Big 12 appearances in the Bowls. Happy Holidays everbody!

Pick It and Stick It: Big Bad Bowl Edition

Picking Machine

Just when you thought it was done, the Pick It and Stick It is back for the bowl season!  We’re gonna do something a little different this year.  For the bowl picks, everyone is invited to participate.  That’s right, you’ll get the chance to compete with the Purple Yeti, Krizzou, Cabbottmtf, and the rest of the KCCGD crew.  We’re using the fantasy sports College Bowl Pick’Em system from Yahoo at  Here’s how you can sign up:

Be sure to read the rules and figure out how to pick the games.  It’s the kind of pick ’em where you rank the order of confidence as well as who’s gonna win.  The first game is on December 20th so be sure to set your picks by then.  As for the prize?  We’ll come up with something or post below and let us know.  At the very least it will be something comparable to what Cabbottmtf won in the regular season Pick It and Stick It.  Good luck to all and go Big 12 in the bowls!

Bowlspotting: That’s Right, We’re Spotting the Bowls

There’s more than 10 pins there

With the regular season over, we need something to do between the various holiday events.  So why not watch all of the Big 12 bowl games?  Fortunately we have five days straight of bowl games that feature a Big 12 team during the last week of the year.  How is the KCCGD staff going to handle the load?   We don’t know.  Chances are we’ll post in the morning where we will go and then talk about the game later on that night.  If we go out to all of the games.  It’s gonna be hard and crazy for sure.  The BCS National Championship game will be spotted somewhere, but we’ll build up to that when the time comes.  For now, here’s the Big 12 representation of the bowl schedule (thanks

Valero Alamo
Missouri vs. Northwestern
San Antonio
Dec. 29, 7 p.m. ESPN
Pacific Life Holiday
Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 30, 7 p.m. ESPN
Kansas vs. Minnesota
Tempe, Ariz.
Sun Devil Stadium
Dec. 31, 4:30 p.m. NFL Network
Konica Minolta Gator
Nebraska vs. Clemson
Jacksonville, Fla.
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium
Jan. 1, 2009, 12 p.m. CBS
AT&T Cotton
Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech
Cotton Bowl
Jan. 2, 2009, 1 p.m. FOX
Tostitos Fiesta
Ohio State vs. Texas
Glendale, Ariz.
University of Phoenix Stadium
Jan. 5, 2009, 7 p.m. FOX
FedEx BCS National Championship Game
Florida vs. Oklahoma
Dolphin Stadium
Jan. 8, 2009, 7 p.m. FOX

Missouri, after falling back to earth this year, tries to do to the Big 10 Wildcats what they did with the Big 12 version in the Alamo Bowl.  The Oklahoma State Cowboys will be shooting ducks against Oregon in the Holiday Bowl.  The Gator Bowls marks a New Year’s Day return for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they take on Clemson.  Ole Miss tries to outshoot the left out Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Cotton Bowl.  The Texas Longhorns look toward the Ohio State Buckeyes to take out their frustrations in the Fiesta Bowl.  Finally, the Oklahoma Sooners circles the wagons for the Florida Gators in the BCS National Championship Game.  That’s one heckuva lineup and this empy week and a half of hype does little to pass the time on our way to Bowl Season.