Bowl Pick It Standings: Post Holiday Belly Burst

With the Christmas portion of the holidays over, it’s now time to gear up for the Bowls.  It’s a weird time of year.  The bowls have started but it still feels pretty empty from the downtime between the end of the regular season and now.  There’s been 11 games already but it feels like no one’s really played.  That will change tomorrow night, however, but more on that in a second.  First, here is the Bowl Pick ‘Em update:

Rank Pick Set Points Correct Picks
1 i choo choo choose you 108 6 of 11
2 Crazy Train 102 5 of 11
3 Bowies In Space 95 6 of 11
4 Hokey 92 8 of 11
5 Sasquatch Willy 91 5 of 11
6 Wharf Rats 83 5 of 11
7 B-Nutz 78 4 of 11
7 M I Z – Z O U 78 7 of 11
9 I Win! 46 4 of 11
10 I Heart Bill Snyder’s Perineum 37 2 of 11
10 Pat’s PIcks 37 5 of 11
12 Snyder for President 31 3 of 11
13 Goobersinmynose 28 4 of 11
14 keltron3000 17 4 of 11
15 Sometding else to kill time 15 3 of 11
16 Hit it and Quit it 0 0 of 11

The confidence points skews the actual picks as Hokey (the Yeti’s other alter ego) and MIZ-ZOU are 1 and 2 with the total number of correct picks.  Since the confidence ranking kicking in, i choo choo choose you is number one with a Simpsons bullet.  We’re getting into the meat of the Bowl schedule this week so look for some major movement coming from the top and bottom of the standings.

The Yeti is still recovering from the month long pig out fest from the holidays, but will unloosen the belt and mosey on down to JJ’s Other Place to watch Missouri take on Northwestern.  It’s a curtain call for Chase Daniels and we’re hoping that the Tigers can kick off the Big 12’s bowl season with a victory.  I’m not too up to date on the Northwestern Wildcats, but they are from the Big 10 so that’s all this Yeti needs to know.  Go Tigers!