Bowl Pick It Standings: Two Minute Warning and the Marching Band is on the Field

We’re running into the last stretch of big games and we are getting ready for the final 3 games of the college football season.  The last week brought us some upsets, some blowouts, some intrigue, and some fatter bellies and stinkier rooms.  Bowl season so far has proved to be, well, anticlimactic but we’re geared up for Florida vs Oklahoma.  The other two games landed on nonplussed for our feelings.

The vaunted, Charlie Weiss led, Notre Dame fighting Irish played hard for their coached and blew the heat off of him by blowing out Hawaii in the, you guessed it, the Hawaii Bowl.  The Pac-10 quieted all detractors by going undefeated in their bowls year, topping it off with a USC blowout of the somewhat Paterno led Penn State Nittany Lions.  Speaking of the Big 10, they are 1-5 in bowls this year with one game left to go.  The Purple Yeti loved the finish to the Kentucky and East Carolina game when Kentucky’s defensive lineman Ventrell Jenkins stiffed armed East Carolina’s Partrick Pinkey after picking him off and tumbled into the endzone for the winning score 25-19.

But that’s not all that happened.  The Big 12 so far has a decent showing going with Missouri kicking it off and barely chugging by Northwestern.  The Tigers should’ve lost the game but the found a way to come out on top.  I was in the gym when Oklahoma State was up 17-7 over Oregon at half and dang near dropped my jaw to the floow when I saw the final score later, Oregon 42, Oklahoma State 31.  KU handled Minnesota rather easily, which worked out well for the evening as Wii Sports were to be had.  The best game of New Year’s Day happened to be the Gator Bowl where Nebraska came from behind to beat the Clemson Tigers.  Too bad Texas Tech couldn’t make a case for being in the title chase when Ole Miss handed them an Ole Whuppin 47-34 in the Cotton Bowl.

So the Big 12 is in the middle of the pack conference bowl record wise.   Here’s the standings in our Bowl Pick ‘Em league:

Rank Pick Set Points Correct Picks
1 Wharf Rats 341 17 of 31
2 Ron Prince Albert Got Canned 324 18 of 31
3 i choo choo choose you 322 18 of 31
4 B-Nutz 316 15 of 31
5 Sasquatch Willy 301 19 of 31
6 Bowies In Space 294 18 of 31
7 Pat’s PIcks 291 17 of 31
8 I Win! 280 17 of 31
9 Goobersinmynose 259 15 of 31
10 Crazy Train 258 14 of 31
11 I Heart Bill Snyder’s Perineum 245 11 of 31
12 Snyder for President 229 13 of 31
13 Something else to kill time 223 13 of 31
14 M I Z – Z O U 217 14 of 31
15 keltron3000 186 12 of 31
16 Hit it and Quit it 127 6 of 31

With the games left to play, the pack couldn’t get any closer.   The Big 12 needs wins to come out on top conference wise.  Texas should top out of Ohio State, but the Oklahoma and Florida game is too close to call.  The edge might be Florida due to the title game being in their backyard.  In classic wrestling show style, Ball State and Tulsa will knock heads in the GMAC bowl between the two games. We’ll probably do one final barspot for the title game so keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile, the top spot comes down to Wharf Rats and Ron Prince Got Canned (or me).  If they both win the rest of their picks, then they will tie with 387 points.  What better way to end the BCS season then with tie breaking and equal records?  There’s no plus one here.  The Yahoo! rules say the tiebreaker starts at the BCS title winner then leads down to something about a first born child.  Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to that.  Good luck to all and let’s hope for a great end to the season!