Pick It and Stick It: Big Bad Bowl Edition

Picking Machine

Just when you thought it was done, the Pick It and Stick It is back for the bowl season!  We’re gonna do something a little different this year.  For the bowl picks, everyone is invited to participate.  That’s right, you’ll get the chance to compete with the Purple Yeti, Krizzou, Cabbottmtf, and the rest of the KCCGD crew.  We’re using the fantasy sports College Bowl Pick’Em system from Yahoo at http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/bowl?tid=1289.  Here’s how you can sign up:

Be sure to read the rules and figure out how to pick the games.  It’s the kind of pick ’em where you rank the order of confidence as well as who’s gonna win.  The first game is on December 20th so be sure to set your picks by then.  As for the prize?  We’ll come up with something or post below and let us know.  At the very least it will be something comparable to what Cabbottmtf won in the regular season Pick It and Stick It.  Good luck to all and go Big 12 in the bowls!